10 Simple Tricks to Make Your Home a Cozy Winter Den

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to make homes feel and look cozy.

As the clocks go back (on November 7) don’t let the winter catch you by surprise.

These easy and affordable tricks can make your home ready for the chilly months and cozy nights in doors.

1. Paint a Bold Wall

A rich deep color can warm up any corner and add dimension to a room. But if you prefer to keep it safe, just select a warm paint color instead.

Annie Sloan Home Office Capri Pink Wall Paint, Chalk Paint In Emperor’s Silk, Capri Pink, Athenian Black And Chicago Grey Lifestyle Portrait.
Annie Sloan/Annie Sloan

2. A Modern Fireplace

Modern Fireplace
Black Ground Steel Bioethanol Fireplace. No chimney, flue or unsightly cables required, this freestanding black bioethanol fire can be placed anywhere you wish to create a cosy and warm feeling and looks super stylish even when not lit.
Lime Lace/Lime Lace

If you enjoy hanging out in your living room, opting for a modern fireplace will definitely add the wow factor.

No need for a wood burning fireplace but a modern one that needs no clean-up such as a flueless, electric or a gas fireplace.

And if you have rooms in your home that tend to be colder in the winter, consider buying a personal heater to place in the room.

3. Mix Old and New

Add extra character to your home decor by adding vintage or antique pieces to blend with everyday modern furniture.

It’s not about out the old and in with the new, but about having a balance.

Mix old with new
Purple Parrot + Conscious Cubby. This was a vintage, sturdy wooden suitcase, made from pine, and now it’s a useful low table. Solid pine legs and a choice of map to be attached inside the lid if desired. Painted blue inside, and metal protective corners. Useful for travel souvenirs or storage for cameras, maps, gadgets etc. Multi coloured /Red & aged patina and varnished to finish. No key, and handle is repaired. (Conscious Cubby/Conscious Cubby)

4. Go Scandinavian

If you love the minimalist approach to home living, Scandi-inspired spaces might be just the design influence you’ve been looking for.

Start by mixing clean lines and simple shapes with touches of natural materials to achieve a very stylish Scandi space where less is always more.

Scandi Style with a twist
Welsh Scandi is a warm blend of rustic, cosy Welsh interiors with clean, simple Scandi modern functionality taking inspiration from nature, natural materials, textures, and adding hint of vintage or heritage.
Welsh Otter/Welsh Otter

5. Fairy lights, Lamps or Candles

Soft Lighting
View of an illuminated and cozy living room.
Getty Images/Photo by Quick Image/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

Soft lighting can make a home feel warm and welcoming during the long, dark winter days.

Adding fairy lights around the house will brighten any space and make it look warm and welcoming. Use battery-operated fairy lights for those tricky spots.

Candles are also a very affordable option to create a magical ambience with their enchanting flickering glow.

Place tealights in empty bowls for a soft glow, and add scented candles with warm winter scents such as cinnamon, clove or orange to give any room a lived-in air.

Alternatively, if fairy lights are not your thing, you can dot around small lamps to create the same intimate atmosphere.

Copper Fairy Lights
Beautiful fairy lights on copper wire are perfect for creating some sparkle in your home.
Sparkle Lighting/Sparkle Lighting
Placing some small lamps around the house will help create a warm and welcoming ambience.
Getty Images/Photo by Quick Image/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

6. Warm Seasonal Colours

Seasonal colours such as browns, reds, oranges or dark yellows, will give the home a warmer feeling so adding some cushions, throws and faux fur rugs in these tones will do wonders to make the home visually enchanting and ramp up the comfort factor.

Velvet furnishings and curtains will also add a touch of luxury to the space and they are widely available these days at reasonable prices.

Velvet Armchair
Curvarella Cherry Pink Velvet Armchair
Autumn/Winter 21 Cashmere touch fleece cushions perfect as an accent piece on a bed or sofa.

7. Natural or Organic Elements

On days it’s too cold to be out, you bring all the elements of the natural world into your homes thanks to house plants, flowers, and decorative fruits and vegetables.

Wreaths are perfect for autumn and winter to decorate little corners of the house and so are pine cones. Natural and organic elements will help make the home extra cozy.

Check out these 23 beautiful houseplants that don’t need direct sunlight.

8. Mix and Match

Mixing different textures will add depth to the look. Just stick to one color family and let it all flow.

Cushions, pillows, throws, curtains, the possibilities are endless to make any room look welcoming and to combat the dull grey days outside.

Mix and Match
View of cozy bedroom through a doorway.
Photo by Quick Image/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images/Getty Images

9. Incorporate Wood

You can create a winter den with wood furniture such as a coffee table, shelving, a dresser or accents like bowls and trays.

Wooden table
View of a wooden table with ornaments in a living room
Photo by Quick Image/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images/Getty Images

10. Pictures or Tapestries

And finally…

If you have any bare wall space, you can decorate the walls with some pictures or tapestries and wall hangings in seasonal colours to make any room look inviting.