Franklin couple dug up yard and brought plants to new home, twice

When Clarice and Dennis Vichich moved to their Franklin Home about 25 many years back, they moved a lot more than just their furniture.

Because Clarice loves all items inexperienced and expanding, they dug up most of the plants at their preceding house in Greenfield, hauled them to their new dwelling, and planted them there. They also hauled all the Lannon stone and fieldstone from that backyard garden.

Simply because their new 1-acre home was all grass, she utilised a sod cutter to dig up the sod in the spaces the place she desired to place her plants, then took the sod again to their former home to plant it in the areas exactly where her crops at the time grew.

“Basically my husband and I did it all.  But we had been a ton young then. We received an old pickup truck and we would load up all these crops and rocks. It was a great deal of perform, but to me it was something I experienced to do,” she stated.