How to Repair and Replace Wood Flooring

If you have ever lived in an aged house—a seriously aged house—then you know the dilemma of termites. They can wreak havoc on aged wood flooring. If you have access to alternative wood (in our case, heart pine boards taken from the attic), you can get individuals floors searching good as new in nearly no time flat. Realizing how to restore and/or replace wooden flooring in an outdated residence can truly help you save you some cash. Understand this talent and you can enhance your home’s worth even though aiding it appear amazing in the method.

Resources Necessary to Restore Wooden Flooring

We advocate possessing the subsequent instruments helpful for this job. It does not consider a ton to exchange wood flooring, but you will end up earning plenty of cuts. You also will need to fasten the new pieces utilizing a pneumatic or cordless nailer.

Initial Move: Clear away the Previous Wooden Flooring

In advance of we can display you how to swap your wood flooring you need to have to get rid of the difficulty locations. We endorse picking an out-of-the-way area to begin. After you get the hold of items, you can transfer back into all those superior-traffic areas in the direction of the middle of your living room.

The 1st action in fixing wooden flooring is to dimension up the location to be fixed. You want to clear away as a great deal of the harmed wood as doable. Wood putty does not look fantastic, so don’t try out and help save a piece which is 80% great except if you unquestionably don’t have more than enough replacement material.

We also like to get a birds-eye perspective of the operate to be carried out. This especially helps you prioritize when you have a number of destinations that have to have replacing. At the time you map out the ideal way to allocate your alternative wooden for the repair, you can get commenced on your very first area.

Building the Initial Cuts

Setting up with a circular saw, make two rip cuts down the middle of the initial board. You want to rip two traces simply because you want to take away the wood by pulling it horizontally away from the adjacent boards. You don’t want to lift upward as that would hurt the tongue of the pieces you intend to depart in position. We like applying a circular saw we can link to a shop vac, therefore reducing dust.

Ripping floors with a circular saw
You can use a little 3-inch circular saw or a full-dimensions product. Just be certain it connects to a vacuum or dust extractor so you avoid making a mess within the household.

Prying Out the Terrible Board

Right after you have ripped a pair of channels into the wood, you can then use a modest flat bar or pry bar to take away the channel.

Using a pry bar to remove 3/4-inch flooring

Once the channel is eradicated you can coax the remaining wooden out and clean the area of the wooden flooring you intend to mend.

removing pine boards - old wood floors

Keeping Partial Boards in Area

Preserve in brain that if you really do not want to clear away an complete board when you maintenance wooden flooring. You can use an oscillating multi-instrument to cut a perpendicular line across the wooden to sort a split stage. Make sure you make the minimize correct in excess of the center of a floor joist. That offers you somewhere to nail the new board:

How to Repair and Replace 0.75-inch Wood Flooring process -4
Producing a slash throughout a flooring joist lets you clear away a partial board.

Eradicating Challenging Boards

You really don’t want to split any tongues off adjacent boards. Ought to you run into issue removing part of a board, make a wedge-shaped notch cut in the vicinity of the finish applying your oscillating multi-software. This lets you swing the wooden again on alone properly with out breaking off the tongue of the adjacent piece of the wooden flooring you’re not repairing.

How to Repair and Replace 0.75-inch Wood Flooring process -5
When you pull the board to you, it doesn’t lever throughout the joist and harm the piece next to it.

Installing New Wood Flooring

Just after the problem of eradicating wood, adding in the new piece appears to be like child’s perform. You do want to evaluate and lower very meticulously to minimize the amount of gaps among the items of wood. We slice the wood outdoors, making use of a cordless circular noticed and then brought it in for last set up. You could also use a miter saw.

How to Repair and Replace 0.75-inch Wood Flooring
Clearly, the new wooden lacks the luster of the outdated wooden. That arrives later when you refinish it.

Complete the wood flooring installation by applying a finish nailer to fasten the boards specifically to the joists. Our 1920’s residence had no underlayment so we had to choose our fastening details cautiously. Two pops per joist are enough, and you’ll want to angle the nails. This retains in particular accurate at the ends to assure the new wood stays protected. The final measures will serve to fill in the gaps and smaller nail holes.

Finishing the Wood

Finishing the wooden entails a couple actions. First, you will need to use a belt sander to get the wood flush with the adjoining pieces. Keep in mind to use a resource you can connect to a store vac to again choose up the the vast majority of dust all through this phase:

How to Repair and Replace 0.75-inch Wood Flooring process -6
We took this picture in an spot where by we purposefully didn’t use the store vacuum to clearly show the variation.

Following you’ve sanded the wooden flush, use an orbital sander to give the secondary stage of sanding. This lets you obtain a sleek floor appropriate for your apparent coat complete.

How to Repair and Replace 0.75-inch Wood Flooring process -7

The final action involves including wood filler (or wood putty to fill in the gaps and give you a smooth, stuffed area, ideal to stain or crystal clear coat. You want to use a powerful wood filler that allows for a all-natural blend with the finished wooden. System on sanding the wood at the time once more soon after applying the putty to get every little thing great and smooth and do away with any further filler from the surface area.

Applying wood putty or wood filler

Right after you utilize the last coat of finish you must barely discover exactly where you fixed and replaced the wood.

finished heart pine boards

The Ultimate Term

It is a lot of operate studying how to repair and replace wood flooring. We experience the close result always tends to make up for the do the job. When you establish that a flooring is salvageable and only in need to have of spot repair service, it is a entire great deal more effective and sensible to substitute compact places than to re-lay an complete ground. We hope this helped you know a minimal far more about how to repair service wooden flooring. At the extremely least, we hope it evokes you to take on your possess wood flooring venture.