Interior design tips & tricks for turnkey homes | The Macleay Argus

Sydney and Melbourne are expanding at an unprecedented pace, with new developments popping up across the outskirts of these cities with every passing year.

As a whole, the landscape of Australian real estate is quite changeable, not just when it comes to property prices, but to architectural style as well.

Regardless of where in Australia you’ve got your eye set on, chances are high that you’ve walked through some display homes and discovered a lot of new property developments tend to be built in the same styles.

In truth, turnkey homes have been known to lack a little personality when compared to period-style Australian homes, but that’s not to mean that you can’t design your turnkey home in a fashion that adds character or your own unique sense of flair to your interior design scheme.

Here are just a few ways you can elevate the look and feel of your turnkey home as soon as you move in.

Start with a contemporary or modern design scheme

Many display homes are equipped with discernibly modern fittings and fixtures, including stainless steel kitchen and bathroom fittings, downlights, and eyelet curtains to name a few.

These elegant fittings are generally used because they are low-maintenance and can be effortlessly styled to suit a range of different interior design schemes.

As the majority of turnkey homes are designed with contemporary modern facades, having fittings and fixtures that align with this same style will ensure that your turnkey home feels harmonious from the get-go.

Incorporating elements of contemporary interior design in with the more overtly modern style of your home’s facade and interior fittings and fixtures will keep your new home from feeling ‘cold’ or ‘uninviting’, with these being signature attributes to the atmosphere of interior spaces that are ‘too’ modern.

Don’t be afraid to embrace minimalist design principles

For many of us, moving into a new home can be just as stressful as it can be exciting.

The prospect of packing your entire life into boxes just to upend it all in an unfamiliar environment can set you right on edge at the best of times.

Clearing boxes can go on for weeks if not months if you’re not careful or if the demands of life deter you from focusing all of your attention on finalising all the residual minutiae that remain from your family’s moving day.

If you do manage to successfully unpack and clear all of your moving boxes and you’ve found that you’re immensely enjoying the amount of space that you’re now left with, why not try to maintain that open space rather than make efforts to fill it up with other furniture or decor?

The beauty of minimalist interiors is that they don’t demand any decor for the sake of decor, and allow homeowners to enjoy their home as it exists, without unnecessary visual noise or the clutter that is purely decorative decor.

When you use minimalist design principles in the organisation of your home’s interior spaces, you are also innately placing emphasis on the sparse furnishings or decor that do occupy that interior space, prompting thoughts in your guests of exactly why these pieces were chosen.

When there’s less visual noise and clutter in a space, all the elements of that space are imbued with more significance or meaning, which essentially means that minimalist-inspired interiors tend to be some of the most striking, engaging, thought-provoking homes.

Yes, creating a balanced minimalist-inspired interior is easier said than done, particularly because minimalism is more than just a design scheme.

The practice in itself has become a discipline. According to some lifelong minimalists, however, it’s a discipline that gets easier over time, and making efforts to hone your minimalist skills now is likely to result in a lifetime of serenity both in and outside of your home.

Source some stylish second-hand decor

Speaking of imbuing all of your decor and furnishings with meaning, there’s nothing like heading to your local op shop or second-hand furniture store in order to find some truly singular pieces to incorporate into your home’s final interior design plans.

Sourcing your new furniture and decor second-hand has a myriad of benefits, ranging from environmental and sustainability-minded benefits, all the way through to practical, economic benefits too.

Finding your decor from a more eclectic source is also highly preferable for designers who are looking to create truly unique interior spaces, even with the modern look and feel of turnkey homes.

And it makes sense when you think about it. The inventory of your local furniture stores is likely to be dictated by current design trends, meaning there’s a chance that any decor you buy brand new is likely to go out of style in the blink of an eye.

With a second-hand store, you get to decide what pieces appeal to you, based solely on your own judgement rather than by external influences found in the media.

Invest in indoor greenery

Finally, whether you’re designing in a more modern, contemporary, or even minimalist style, you’ll be glad to hear that virtually all modern interior designers are embracing the incorporation of indoor plants into interior spaces regardless of that space’s design palette.

There’s been a growing push for interior spaces that embrace the natural world just as much as they shelter us from it. Melding greenery in with the monochromatic furnishings and decor of your interiors will ensure that your home feels fresh, inviting, and effortlessly dynamic.

Of course, there are indoor plants that are well-suited to some interior design styles over others, so it’s always good to do a little bit of researching and inspo-hunting to make sure that your selected indoor greenery will complement your home’s existing interior design scheme.

Finally, it’s good to keep in mind that although your turnkey home may feel rigid in its look and feel (given how strong the modern interior design style can be), there is always room to make your home your very own, and you should feel encouraged to experiment with different interior design styles that aren’t included in this guide.

So long as you design conscientiously and with an open mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect design or style or even a combination of design styles to make your new home feel like a genuine reflection of you and your loved ones too.