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Engineered wooden flooring is a style of flooring composed of a thin hardwood top rated layer, named a veneer or dress in layer, in excess of main levels of strengthened composite plywood. In some conditions, the plywood may perhaps be changed by oriented strand board (OSB), which is made of wood strands glued and then compressed alongside one another. Engineered wood makes it possible for a home owner to obtain the look of a solid wood ground at a cheaper selling price position and with an easier installation course of action.

In comparison, strong wood flooring—the other typical variety of wood flooring—is composed of stable wood the complete way via. This form of flooring is ordinarily a lot more high priced than engineered wooden flooring, but also lasts lengthier as it can be refinished over and in excess of and in excess of once again.

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Decreased Price

In contrast to reliable wooden flooring, everything relevant to engineered wooden flooring expenses significantly less, from supplies to labor. Take note this is only correct for the exact wooden species for case in point, an engineered oak ground may perhaps be less high-priced than a solid oak flooring, but an engineered teak floor could be more affordable than a solid oak floor.

Temperature and Humidity Resistant

Because of to its composite main levels, engineered wooden flooring is not as delicate to modifications in temperature or to dampness as reliable wood flooring. Although there nevertheless may perhaps be some warping—typically if humidity concerns are left unaddressed (as in the case of a standing pool of h2o)—the total amount of inflammation and shrinking is much considerably less than that noticed in a strong wood ground.

Environmentally Mindful

If you’re worried about the atmosphere, engineered wooden flooring might be the way to go. These flooring use significantly less hardwood for every plank than solid wooden floors, which might be a deciding variable if you are fascinated in unique or uncommon species of wood. Merged with a decreased need for toxic glue (to adhere layers jointly) and minor to no sawdust these floors are eco-welcoming and sustainable. That becoming said, this does fluctuate from corporation to corporation, so make guaranteed to look at the environmental certifications of the maker you buy from.


Minimal Resurfacing

Because of the veneer layer, an engineered hardwood flooring can only be sanded and refinished a couple times—and sometimes only once—before the hardwood erodes to expose the main levels. How several times you can resurface is dependent on the thickness of the veneer layer. A 1/6-inch layer, for example, will final substantially lengthier than a 1/16-inch layer.

Substantial Stage of Upkeep

Given that the area layer of an engineered wooden flooring is manufactured of hardwood, you will will need to actively retain your ground in get to retain its quality—exactly like you would for a strong wooden ground. Fading, scratches and dents are all typical problems with wooden floors but can be lessened and prevented by taking proper protecting safety measures.

Small Excellent

In an effort to lower down on time and funds, some companies may perhaps use cheap elements in their flooring, leading to flooring with lousy structural integrity. Make certain to study very carefully before deciding on a company.

Price tag

The last cost of your engineered wooden flooring will depend on the species of wood veneer you decide on, selection of main levels, veneer thickness and the quantity of protection you have to have. Flooring are typically priced at the next price tag details:

  • Lower-quality ($2 – $9): A few core layers, with a veneer thickness of 1/16 to 1/12 of an inch
  • Mid-grade ($6 – $12): Five main levels, with a veneer thickness of 1/12 to 1/8 of an inch
  • Substantial-grade ($9 – $16): 7 main levels, with a veneer thickness of 1/6 of an inch or far more

Other variables like varnishing, staining and labor fees for installation can regulate this selection.

Upkeep and Treatment

Getting treatment of your engineered wood ground is substantially the exact as getting treatment of a sound wood ground. Sweep consistently, flippantly mop periodically and attempt to protect against scratches and dents as a great deal as attainable (pro-idea: attach felt to the leg bottoms of your home furniture to cease them from scratching up the floor every single time you regulate a chair).

Steer clear of severe chemical substances and excessive water, and use doormats or rugs in parts of superior traffic—you do not want the complete to arrive off your ground. That becoming claimed, do not sand and refinish your floors except you are assured that the veneer layer is thick sufficient to manage it normally, you may conclusion up revealing the main layers.

Style and design Selections

An engineered wood flooring can accomplish the identical search and area come to feel as a stable wooden ground, which include the species of wooden and the ground style. Traditional models like horizontal stripes and herringbone or chevron parquet are typical. Bespoke floors are also probable, while these patterns will charge far more and may perhaps advantage from the extra support of an interior designer.

For the veneer layer, a huge variety of wooden species are accessible. These contain U.S. hardwood staples like oak, maple and hickory. Exotic wood species—those that are scarce in or imported into the U.S.—include Brazilian Cherry, mahogany, bamboo and Brazilian Teak. In normal, expect to shell out much more for these unique species and considerably less for domestic wood.

Set up

Engineered flooring is really simple to put in and Diy-welcoming. Most engineered flooring can be put in as “floating flooring.” This is when individual planks are equipped with each other like a puzzle about an existing sub-ground rather of being nailed or glued down. Depending on the home size, if you obtain prefinished planks and have prepared your subfloor beforehand, it is entirely probable to set up your engineered floor—and most likely even get the baseboards finished as well—within a day.

The set up system can grow to be a lot additional challenging if you select to glue down your flooring, are covering a massive area inside of a restricted timeframe or are ending your flooring by yourself. Take into account using the services of a professional to pace up the method normally, give oneself everywhere from a few times to a week to end the set up.


If you correctly preserve your engineered hardwood flooring, it can previous all over 20 to 30 several years. High high-quality, long lasting flooring can past even longer—up to 50 years—as extended as they are diligently preserved and nothing has been completed to appreciably compromise the veneer.

Major Brands

Engineered wood flooring arrives from providers all around the globe, such as in the United States, China, Canada, Norway and Sweden. Depending on what you’re wanting for—in phrases of variety of wooden, model, value and eco-friendliness—at least just one business will extra than probably be capable to satisfy your specs.

Even though we propose exploring all over for a maker that will very best fulfill your wants, some well-known higher-high quality brand names consist of Mohawk, Kährs, Harris Wooden, Anderson Tuftex and Bruce.

Bottom Line

Equally engineered wooden floors and stable wooden flooring demand about the similar degree of servicing, nevertheless the previous is additional resistant to temperature and humidity and the latter usually lasts for a longer period. Engineered wood flooring is a good choice if you are on a price range and want to be environmentally acutely aware with out sacrificing the attractive, timeless aesthetic of a nice hardwood ground.

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