The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture in 2021


An outdoor living space can offer a much-needed respite from the daily grind, a way of communing with nature while retaining the comforts of an indoor space—but only if your deck or patio is furnished with the right furniture. Outdoor pieces of furniture are in some ways harder to shop for than indoor ones. Not only must they be comfortable, but they must also withstand the elements without fading, rotting, or rusting. That’s a tall order.

Fortunately, there are many retailers that sell high-quality outdoor furniture to suit a variety of budgets. In fact, there are so many that choosing the right one to supply your outdoor furnishing needs can be a bit daunting. This guide seeks to help shoppers narrow the field by providing a breakdown of some of the best places—both brick-and-mortar and online—to buy outdoor patio furniture.

The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Wayfair


Known for: With its broad selection, good quality, and affordable prices, Wayfair rules the roost when it comes to patio furniture retailers.
Price: $300 to $2,500
Editors’ Choice: This six-piece patio set from Sol 72 Outdoor is a great example of the markdowns Wayfair offers on high-quality outdoor furniture.

Over the past 20 years, Wayfair has made a name for itself as the go-to place for finding affordable furniture online. The company sells from a broad range of manufacturers at an accessible price while still maintaining a high standard of quality. Its collection of patio furniture runs the gamut from outdoor dining tables and chairs to sectional sofas to lounge chairs. Prices cover a broad range, from budget-friendly sale items to custom options that allow shoppers to choose specific upholstery.

While customers may not be able to test out the furniture before they buy it, the site is loaded with consumer reviews that are helpful when making a decision for outdoor seating. The site also includes filters that enable shoppers to see which models are selling the most or earn the highest ratings. Though Wayfair is online-only, they offer free shipping for purchases over $35.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Overstock


Known for: Overstock offers a broad selection of good-quality discounted outdoor furniture.
Price: $500 to $1,000
Editors’ Choice: Made from solid acacia wood, this four-piece patio set is a great example of the deals one can find on

Overstock boasts an enormous collection of furniture, including the kind that lives outdoors. The company offers a wide range of outdoor items, including lounge chairs, sectionals, dinettes, day beds, bistro sets, and barstools. Many of these items are frequently discounted beyond the listed price.

Although the company is known as a bargain online retailer of furniture, that doesn’t mean its furniture is poor quality. To the contrary; some of its best outdoor furniture is made of solid wood and comes in a variety of high-grade fabrics in various styles and colors. Add to that the fact that free shipping is standard on all orders to the lower 48, and Overstock is a strong choice for those seeking patio furniture.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: The Home Depot


Known for: The Home Depot is well regarded for its exclusive outdoor furniture brands.
Price: $500 to $2,700
Editors’ Choice: This wicker sectional patio sofa from Hampton Bay illustrates the quality of The Home Depot’s exclusive brands.

One can read hundreds of user reviews about an outdoor sofa, but all those opinions still can’t beat actually touching, feeling, and lying on that furniture. This is why brick-and-mortar retailers such as The Home Depot are still among the best places to buy patio furniture. Though not as affordable as online outlets like Wayfair and Amazon, The Home Depot, like its chief rival Lowe’s, offers reasonably priced furniture that appeals to the mid-market through exclusive brands such as Noble House and Hampton Bay.

The Home Depot’s outdoor furniture assortment is diverse, covering everything from gazebos to sectional sofas to dining tables. Though customers can shop online year-round for The Home Depot’s patio furniture, these items are seasonal in-store, with Halloween and Christmas decorations taking over that spot near the front of the store during the fall and winter months.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Crate & Barrel


Known for: Crate & Barrel sells high-quality (and higher-priced) outdoor furniture that doesn’t look like outdoor furniture.
Price: $1,500 to $5,000
Editors’ Choice: The modern look of the Morocco outdoor sectional is indicative of how stylish the patio furniture available at Crate & Barrel can be.

Crate & Barrel sells high-end outdoor patio items that look stylish enough to go inside the home, making it an excellent choice for sophisticated modern patio furniture. Its outdoor product line is broad, including sofas, sectionals, chaise lounges, and dining tables.

One can expect high quality when it comes to Crate & Barrel furniture; however, it’s also one of the more expensive options, with the company’s most affordable sofas coming in at around $1,500 and outdoor sectionals priced around $3,000 to $5,000. While Crate & Barrel stores are typically only in larger metropolitan areas, the company is accessible throughout the country via its robust website. Just keep in mind that shipping is not free with Crate & Barrel, which typically adds 10 percent to the total cost of the furniture.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Amazon


Known for: Amazon’s selection of patio furniture consists of affordable options with low shipping costs.
Price: $200 to $1,500
Editors’ Choice: Amazon has free shipping and affordable prices, and these solid wood outdoor dining chairs are a good example of the type of patio furniture Amazon has to offer.

Those who rely on Amazon to fulfill a large chunk of shopping needs will be happy to know that the company offers a vast assortment of outdoor furniture, ranging from fold-out chairs to umbrellas to dining sets to full sectional outdoor sofas. Quality can vary a little more with Amazon’s patio products than it does with other retailers, so shoppers should be sure to carefully check user reviews to make sure they’re getting a reliable product.

Prime members can take advantage of the free shipping offered on many of Amazon’s patio furniture. However, larger purchases, like a five-piece sectional, may include a shipping charge. Also, keep in mind that much of the patio furniture Amazon sells does require at least some assembly.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Pottery Barn


Known for: As with its indoor furniture, Pottery Barn’s outdoor collections allow for significant personalization by offering a broad selection of fabrics to choose from.
Price: $3,700 to $4,000
Editors’ Choice: Pottery Barn’s Saybrook collection illustrates the high-end quality and customization options this retailer provides.

Pottery Barn is well known for the high quality of the fabrics and materials it uses to make furniture, which makes it the go-to store for high-end patio furniture. The selection of patio furniture Pottery Barn offers is unprecedented, with some 25 different collections, ranging from the coastal-inspired Indio line to the contemporary Tropez. Within those collections, Pottery Barn offers a selection of numerous luxurious fabrics of different colors, styles, and types, giving shoppers the ability to personalize their furniture. While not all of these collections are available in the store’s showrooms, many can be accessed on the Pottery Barn website.

High-quality materials and custom-built furniture come at a cost, and Pottery Barn’s furniture is an investment. That said, if taken care of properly, it will far outlast bargain-priced patio furniture.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: IKEA


Known for: Like its other furniture lines, IKEA’s patio furniture is known for its unique adaptability, reasonable prices, and, of course, Scandinavian-inspired modern designs.
Price: $300 to $1,000
Editors’ Choice: With its adjustable configuration, modern look, and affordable price, the Jutholmen sectional is a good example of what IKEA’s patio furniture brings to the table.

Those in search of a modern style at a modest price should look no further than the renowned giant of affordable furniture, IKEA. The company offers a wide range of unique looks with its patio items, ranging from the metal-and-wicker frame Jutholmen collection to the modern wood look of Solleron. Much of IKEA’s patio furniture comes in a wide array of sizes and configurations, making matching it to one’s patio dimensions an easy task.

As with its other furniture lines, IKEA’s outdoor offerings are among the more affordable options to furnish an exterior living space. Just keep in mind that many of IKEA’s products require assembly (with a hex wrench, of course). Shoppers who live in or near major metropolitan areas are likely to have an IKEA within driving distance. If not, they’ll have to pay a delivery fee.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Bed Bath & Beyond


Known for: Bed Bath & Beyond offers good-quality outdoor furniture at a surprisingly affordable price.
Price: $200 to $1,000
Editors’ Choice: This outdoor sectional sofa from Palm Harbor demonstrates the value Bed Bath & Beyond offers, especially when paired with the company’s 20-percent-off coupons or member discount.

While most may think of Bed Bath & Beyond as the go-to place for linens, towels, and bathroom accessories, it actually has an impressive collection of patio furniture; ergo, the “Beyond.” The company’s collection of patio furniture is surprisingly diverse, ranging from sectional sofas to full dining sets to lounge chairs. Bed Bath & Beyond loyalty-program members—or those who can snag a coupon—can get many outdoor furniture items at 20 percent off, making them one of the more affordable ways to furnish a deck or patio.

Bed Bath & Beyond offers free shipping and pickup at any of its 1,500 stores across the country, eliminating any hidden shipping costs. That said, the company rarely displays its patio furniture in stores, so shoppers have to rely on user reviews when making a purchase.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Walmart


Known for: Walmart is known for offering budget-friendly patio furniture.
Price: $200 to $900
Editors’ Choice: From its signature Mainstays collection, this cheery, cherry-red four-piece set exemplifies the stylish yet budget-friendly patio furniture selection Walmart offers.

It’s tough to beat Walmart when it comes to prices on food, clothing, toys, electronics, and more, and patio furniture is no different. The collection of patio furniture is anchored by the company’s budget-minded Mainstays brand and supplemented with notable mid-level brands such as Better Homes & Gardens. While Walmart Mainstays may not boast the durability, style, and quality of other, more expensive patio furniture, the brand is a great option for those trying to furnish an outdoor space on a budget. The Mainstays collection also offers a surprisingly wide variety of colors and styles for those looking for cheap outdoor furniture.

While the in-stock selection at Walmart’s stores may be limited (and seasonal), the company’s online store is robust and offers plenty of incentives for shopping there, including 2-day delivery, free in-store pickup, and affordable ship-to-home costs.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Lowes


Known for: Lowe’s offers a mix of affordably priced, midrange outdoor furniture in a variety of traditional styles.
Price: $350 to $1,300
Editors’ Choice: This five-piece set from Lowe’s Style Selections line includes a fire pit, which ties the furniture together and adds a high-end touch at an affordable price.

Lowe’s, one of the largest big-box home improvement stores in the country, is a major retailer of outdoor patio furniture. Its furniture falls into the mid-tier market, with good-quality furniture from its bargain brand, Style Selections, and from its higher-end signature brand, Allen and Roth. With more than 2,000 stores nationwide, Lowe’s is a great option for those who like to test out an outdoor sofa or dining table before committing to one.

As with its chief rival, The Home Depot, Lowe’s collection of patio furniture is seasonal, so don’t expect to sample its collection in-store in December. However, the company’s collection is always available online, and it offers free shipping to its stores for pickup.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Perigold


Known for: The company has a large, diverse collection of luxury designer outdoor furniture.
Price: $1,000 to $4,000
Editors’ Choice: This classic reclining chaise lounge from Tommy Bahama is a good example of the luxury and style available at Perigold.

Occupying the luxury end of the home design and outdoor furniture market is Perigold. The company’s outdoor selection is one of the most comprehensive offerings available, with a seemingly limitless number of styles and types, ranging from traditional to modern to the eclectic.

The company’s patio furniture is broken down into three categories based on materials: metal, wicker and rattan, and wooden. Within each category, there is a variety of furniture, running from outdoor daybeds and sectionals to dinette sets and bars with barstools. Though the company’s products are some of the most expensive on the market, they’re also some of the best quality, so users can expect to get plenty of life out of them.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Plow & Hearth


Known for: Plow & Hearth offers high-end designer furniture with intriguing pieces that aren’t available anywhere else.
Price: $400 to $2,500
Editors’ Choice: With its earth-toned fabric options and neutral wicker frame, this sofa and set of chairs illustrates Plow & Hearth’s nature-inspired design.

Plow & Hearth specializes in garden and outdoor products, so it should come as little surprise that much of its patio furniture features designs inspired by nature. The company’s outdoor furniture is also made with good-quality materials such as wicker with stout metal frames and higher-end fabrics that resist the elements.

Plow & Hearth’s patio furniture collection may not be as diverse as others, but it does include sectional and traditional sofas, lounge chairs, and some outdoor furniture that other retailers don’t offer, such as Adirondack chairs, designer side tables, table lamps, bar carts, and console tables. Many of Plow & Hearth’s patio furniture sets also come in a variety of colors, making it easy to match the furniture to one’s existing decor and style preferences.

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The Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture Option: Article


Known for: Article builds affordable furniture with high-quality materials and a designer look.
Price: $500 to $1,500
Editors’ Choice: The sleek, stylish design of this outdoor sofa would add a touch of class to a deck or patio.

If the standard patio furniture styles found at most retailers don’t excite, then consider this lesser-known furniture company. Article offers outdoor furniture with midcentury modern and rustic farmhouse looks. Many of its pieces look a lot like the furniture that goes inside a home. And though the company constructs its outdoor furniture with expensive materials such as solid acacia and teak, its prices remain reasonable.

That’s because Article works directly with manufacturers to design and build the furniture it sells, allowing the company to cut costs and deliver a lower price to the consumer. The company’s outdoor furniture is diverse and includes sectional sofas, lounge chairs, dining sets, daybeds, and bar stools.

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