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Laminate flooring was invented in the late ‘70s by Swedish flooring company Perstorp, but it wasn’t extensively introduced to the European industry right until 1984 and it wasn’t available in the U.S. till a decade later. Now it’s however a person of the most popular flooring possibilities, and it is not just for kitchen area flooring.

With all of the other resources that laminate flooring can be created to resemble, it’s a superior possibility for any area in your residence. Believe it or not, people are even using it on walls these times, specifically in rooms with a good deal of dampness like kitchens and bogs.

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Compared with pure flooring choices like wooden, stone or cork, laminate flooring is a synthetic material. It is designed up of four distinct layers—wear, décor, core and backer—that are sealed with each other in the lamination procedure. It is deliberately developed to be tough as very well as economical. Simply because of the décor layer (a printed graphic), it can recreate the glimpse of much more costly flooring kinds like wood, tile or stone.

Kinds of Laminate Flooring



Plastic laminate flooring is wholly synthetic. Some folks stay away from it because of this, but it can be roughly fifty percent the cost of engineered wood laminate. It is water-resistant and not inclined to dents, scratches or staining, so it is exceptional for messy and substantial-traffic spots. Companies have manufactured a great deal of progress in creating plastic laminate glimpse incredibly shut to the product it is mimicking (regardless of whether that’s wood, stone, tile, and so forth.).

Engineered Wood

For those people who are additional specific about making use of serious wooden, but however want the perks of laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring makes use of levels of serious wooden in addition to the acrylic lamination. It can be double the cost of plastic laminate and is also a lot less sturdy towards injury and water. Nonetheless, compared with plastic laminate, it can be sanded and refinished a couple occasions which can aid it past for a longer time.

Installation Kind

Glueless Click on

This is the most well-known laminate flooring type at current because it is the least difficult to set up. It is uncomplicated and mess-free of charge. Most laminate flooring in this model takes advantage of a double-click strategy to lock into location wholly.


This was the 1st variety of laminate flooring. Applying the glue can be a messy undertaking, but it is also a highly durable installation approach when it is put appropriately.


Another easy and mess-totally free installation approach, pre-glued laminate flooring, employs a peel-and-adhere method. Sometimes, the pre-utilized glue desires to be dampened prior to the panel is secured to the flooring.

Floor Type


This is the least complicated kind of surface to clean, but it can also glance much less reasonable if you want your floor to resemble extra all-natural supplies.


Textured or embossed laminate flooring can glimpse a lot more accurate to the elements it is modeled right after. Its nooks and crannies do make it more challenging to cleanse.


Distressed or hand scraped laminate flooring is meant to intentionally look outdated. If you want an antique look for a decreased charge and greater toughness, this is a floor to take into consideration.



Authentic laminate flooring was meant to mimic wood flooring so a traditional pattern would comply with the common width and format of typical wooden floors.


Thin planks of laminate flooring can offer a more fashionable appear despite the fact that it may well seem much less like genuine wooden because slender picket plank flooring is not as prevalent.


Laminate flooring in a sample of wider planks can seem additional durable and are far more reminiscent of older architecture kinds.


A chevron or herringbone pattern gives a lot more dimension and can be a special element of the room.

Laminate Flooring Factors To Contemplate

Laminate flooring is unbelievably versatile. In addition to the different forms of resources, set up solutions, surface forms and styles, it also will come in a assortment of finishes to achieve the glimpse that you want. It can mimic diverse forms of wooden flooring in finishes like oak, walnut, hickory and maple, or it can design tile or stone flooring.

Distinctive products have unique professionals and negatives, but in basic laminate flooring is a pretty very affordable selection, primarily in comparison to wood and stone flooring. Material fees are small and getting a Do-it-yourself solution retains remodeling prices down, too.

Longevity is also a vital purpose for choosing laminate flooring. Engineered wooden and plastic laminate differ, but laminate flooring is a difficult selection and can stand up to going home furniture, pet claws, breaking dishes and a lot more. It does not require unique applications or products to clear and it is waterproof or h2o-resistant, relying on the materials you decide on.

Whilst companies have been equipped to deliver laminate flooring that appears to be like a large amount like the “real issue,” when it will come down to it this can be the biggest drawback. If you have a pretty particular aesthetic in head that requires wooden, stone, tile or a further these types of product, then you could not be content with a laminate flooring different.

Laminate Flooring Expenditures By Sort

Resources Expense For each Sq. Foot

How To Choose The Ideal Laminate Flooring for You

With all of the varieties of laminate flooring available, there are some vital components to take into account just before deciding upon the correct kind for you.

  • Wear and tear. Is it becoming applied in an place with a great deal of exercise? Search for an alternative that is added resilient and has a scratch-resistant end. Check out the AC rating on laminate flooring—this stands for abrasion standards and it is the ranking system made use of to test for longevity, abrasion and impact resistance. In lower traffic spots you can use a decreased ranking.
  • Resale value. If you’re preparing to promote your dwelling quickly, engineered wood flooring can increase the price far more than plastic laminate can.
  • Selling price. Is this section of a much larger rework, or are you concentrating specifically on updating your flooring? Laminate flooring is finances-welcoming and if you’re prioritizing other things of a renovation it can be a fantastic possibility to keep overall expenditures down. However, if you want to go all in on flooring, then you could possibly be eager to shell out much more on other styles of flooring products.
  • Installation: If you want to Diy, laminate flooring is an fantastic option. If you’re envisioning a glance that is far more sophisticated, you may want to retain the services of a experienced.

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What is the ideal thickness for laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring comes in quite a few thicknesses with frequent alternatives together with 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The thicker the flooring, the extra high-priced it is. The thickness refers only to the foundation of the board to the major of the board if a pad is connected to the board, it is not involved in this measurement.

Although thickness does have an effect on longevity to a degree, its most critical aspect is how it impacts aesthetics, since thicker laminate can far more accurately mimic additional high-priced flooring components. The thickness also impacts seem absorption. For a flooring that appears the most like authentic wood 10 or 12mm is recommended, but if you’re not as involved about it seeming “real” and you want to help you save some revenue, then 7 to 8mm works as perfectly.

Is it truly worth it to set up laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring has a whole lot of execs: it is significantly less pricey than other options, it can be a Diy task, it is obtainable in many different appears to be and it is typically quick to clear and manage. Having said that it’s not likely to boost resale worth and with different AC ratings and thicknesses, some choices are less sturdy.

Do you want underlay for laminate flooring?

Underlayment is strongly suggested for laminate flooring. It affects how the laminate feels, appears and retains up. Underlayment helps to eradicate challenges prompted by any imperfections in the subfloor which can result in laminate flooring to split apart. It also stops the accumulating of humidity, absorbs audio from footsteps and insulates your dwelling (which can support minimize vitality payments). If your laminate flooring will come with a pad attached, then underlayment may possibly not be important.

How extended do laminate flooring very last?

The regular everyday living expectancy of laminate flooring is 15 to 25 years, whilst it can range amongst 10 and 30.