10 Things an Interior Designer Would Never Have in His Home and Why

10 Things an Interior Designer Would Never Have in His Home and Why

If you’re going to hang a poster at least put it in a frame.

fake plant, small stand, black leather chair and blac and white poster in frame in stylish room

Art can come in all sorts of forms, posters being one of them.


I don’t really have a problem with posters in general, but I take issue with their lazy aesthetic. Typically they’re taped onto the walls of college dorms. 

If you’re going to use a poster, dress it up by framing it. This helps the poster stand out more and makes it feel more like a design decision rather than a place filler.

By getting the same frame in multiple quantities you can also help unify a collection of posters and make them flow more cohesively through a space.

Popcorn ceilings are awful to look at and to take down.

popcorn ceiling

Removing popcorn ceilings is a rather inexpensive yet dramatic change that can positively impact a space.


Popcorn ceilings can cause competing textures in a space and make it feel less open.

Without popcorn ceilings, a space is elevated. You also get an environment that lets the walls and furniture take the focus while leaving the ceiling out of the equation. 

I recently helped a friend take down popcorn ceilings in their new condo. Although it took hours to complete and all I got out of it was free pizza and half a bottle of wine, it really was worth it.


Futons give off college-dorm energy.

gray futon next to bookshelf with spines facing inward and light gray rug underneath and faux plants

Not only do futons rarely, if ever, add anything to the rooms looks-wise, but also they’re never comfortable.

Studio Light and Shade/Shutterstock

Many people use these as a bed for visiting guests but, speaking from experience, I’d rather sleep on a comfortable sofa than a futon with metal bars digging into my back.

If you host frequently and don’t have a spare room, I highly suggest investing in a nice air mattress instead of an uncomfortable futon. You can tuck an air mattress in the back of your closet when it’s not in use … good luck hiding that eyesore of a futon. 

In my opinion, bed skirts instantly age a space.

beige carpet, ceiling fan, black comforter, white bed skirt in room with nightstand

There are better ways to hide the stuff beneath your bed.

Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

Bed skirts make a space look like a museum, and they also remind me of my great-grandma’s room when I was growing up.

If bedding that reaches the floor is a priority for you, I’d suggest investing in a platform bed. It can give you a similar look while modernizing the bed and giving you one less piece of bedding to buy.

Fake plants and fruit aren’t worth it.

artificial fake plants centerpiece

Some real plants can be pretty easy to keep alive.


Skip the fake stuff, especially since real plants enhance the overall environment of the space.

I understand not everyone was born with a green thumb but I’ve found that snake plants, aloe, and bamboo are some of the easiest plants to take care of.

There are also many apps that can track growth and tell you how much sun and water plants need — it takes all the guessing out of it.

There are so many ways to achieve a cohesive room without having every piece of furniture be from the same collection.

matching furniture set

Matching furniture sets are perhaps most common in bedrooms.


I commonly see matching sets in master bedrooms, where the bed, nightstands, and dressers are all the same color and finish.

But it’s more visually interesting to switch your furniture up. I’d start with a fabric headboard to soften the space, a wood grain for a dresser, and a solid-painted nightstand set.

You can switch this combo up as desired, but the visual difference creates contrast.

We also commonly see sets in living rooms. Instead of getting the same sofa and love seat, try to choose two different fabrics that complement each other. Doing this reads less, “I got this on sale” and more, “I made this design decision on purpose.”

This may be controversial, but I’d never want an outdated-looking ceiling fan in my home.

wood accent wall bedroom ceiling fan plant

Really look at your options if you’re going to have a ceiling fan.


I have never been one of those people that need to sleep with a fan on. In fact, I find it very difficult to sleep with a fan on and I dislike having them in a home.

Ceiling fans are certainly functional, but I cannot stand the look of them. I’ve seen people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovations and new furniture sets just to have a ceiling fan floating above it all. 

If a ceiling fan is a must — for a lot of people, it is — I recommend really looking into different options and finding one that complements the overall design of your space instead of one that sticks out like a sore thumb.

I think typical recliners are such a waste of space.

red leather recliner chair

If you’re getting a recliner, get one that’s more subtle.

Paul Vinten/Shutterstock

Although I can admit classic, puffy recliners are just about the comfiest pieces of furniture I’ve ever sat on, I prefer to find a balance of comfort and aesthetics.

These days, you can find seamlessly designed recliners that look like regular accent chairs. Or you get an ordinary chair and add an ottoman.

You can kick your feet up on an ottoman, use it as extra seating, and have it add a pop of color or a pattern to your space.

Black bedding may look good at first, but it’s not worth the headache of keeping it clean.

white bedroom with black comforter and dark headboard with side table and black lamp

I had black bedding once and I immediately got rid of it.


I’ve been saving photos of chic beds with black duvets and pillows on Pinterest for years, but when I finally got black bedding it was a disaster. 

It looked great for the first couple of days but then every single piece of dust or hair in the room started to accumulate on it.

I would lint roll and vacuum the bedding in the morning before work and, by the time I got home, it would look like it was dragged through an alley all over again.

It became such an eyesore I didn’t even keep the bedding on for a full week.

Instead, get black accent pillows or throw blankets that can help you achieve a similar look while saving you the headache of constant cleaning.