5 tips for selecting paintings for the bedroom (plus feng shui advice) 

5 tips for selecting paintings for the bedroom (plus feng shui advice) 

In this article, I’ll focus on the role of paintings in the bedroom’s interior design. I’ll list the characteristics of the varieties: rhyme, accent, style, theme, and mood, so you can choose the right one. I’ll think about the criteria for selecting a size. I’ll tell you about the best possible placement options. 

5 tips for selecting paintings for the bedroom (plus feng shui advice) 

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The function of paintings in the bedroom’s interior design 

Paintings transform the interior and convey their mood in an instant. The first step in selecting an instance for the bedroom is to determine its location. 

The fasteners at the headboard are the universal solution; most of the time, this wall appears to be empty. 
When making a decision, consider the interior of the room, size, and lighting. You must consider the color scheme, furniture upholstery, and the presence of other decorative elements. The drawing should be visually appealing. 


Designers currently offer five classic versions of plots, which can be used to resurrect the situation and give it a unique twist. 


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The color or plot of the room is usually chosen. It is essential to achieve a balance and harmony. As a result, the atmosphere will become more concise and comfortable. 

Simultaneously, there will be no free space at the headboard to catch the eye. 


The drawing adds a splash of color to the room. His job is to draw attention to himself. At the same time, the painting should complement the interior and not detract from it. The choice of an abstract drawing is the solution. Other topics, however, are permitted. 


The style of the room is carefully considered when selecting an image. It should be examined in every detail. For example, if the design is done in the style of the 1980s, the image should also depict this era. 


The drawing clearly corresponds to the room’s general category. Dark colors and metal decorative elements, for example, should predominate in men’s design. An image of a car or a man can be used to decorate such a set. 


It is permissible to paint a view of a snow-covered mountain on the wall. It will look great in the interior of a bedroom or any other peaceful setting. It can be both modular and a mood-lifting poster. 


A medium-sized painting will be the best option for the bedroom. At the same time, you don’t have to strain your eyes to examine the image carefully. We should also keep in mind that an abundance of small details can give the impression of garbage. The image should be associated with height and spaciousness. It will be possible to significantly increase the bedroom space as a result of this. 

It is also permissible to hang two paintings of the same size on the headboard. 
They can also be installed above bedside tables or dressing tables. Experts, on the other hand, do not recommend using more than three options at the same time. The accumulation of a large number of images has the potential to saturate the space. 

Small – can also be used as a shelf. You should also not overdo it with their number. An oval-shaped mirror can be used to complete the look. It will blend in with any bedroom and will not detract from the idyll of style. 

How can I hang due to feng shui? 

Feng shui experts strongly advise against placing any image above the bed. It is believed that it attracts a variety of flows, not all of which are positive. They recommend putting paintings on the bedside tables. You can also outfit a special niche in your bedroom. 

It is permissible to use additional equipment with backlight to enhance the image’s effect. 
Only on a plain wall does the image look great. Any picture will appear as a foreign body on patterned wallpaper. 

Criteria for selection 

It is believed that a person can manifest his desires in a dream. As a result, it is critical to carefully select the image in the bedroom and consider the following feng shui features and rules: 

A single woman cannot broadcast images that are predominantly blue, yellow, red, or green into her bedroom. 
It is preferable if only paired objects are depicted in the image. 
People who are no longer alive should not be depicted in the paintings. 

The ancient wisdom also includes an interpretation of the images that are permitted to be hung in the recreation area: 

Fish are thought to be a symbol of happiness. They bring happiness into the home. 

If a person wishes to achieve success quickly, he should purchase a painting of horses. 

Love is attracted to peonies. They must have been hung by someone who wishes to meet his soulmate. 

Hang an image of a green meadow in the bedroom for financial well-being and steel profit. 

Poppies can help a couple who has been married for a long time to rekindle family ties. 

If the owner wishes to become brave and courageous, it is suggested that he purchase an elephant with an image. 

Swan themes are used for romance and relationship harmony. 

Every day, the sun will charge you with positive energy and confidence. 

Drawing wheat can help you attract wealth into your home. It is critical to select ears that are dense and full. 

You can create an indescribable atmosphere with the help of decor. Every day, they will decorate the room and delight the owner. The selection of the desired option is critical. Pay close attention to the drawing as well as this Feng Shui designation. 

It will benefit the owner by attracting money, health, and wealth to the home. A beautiful image will undoubtedly put you to sleep. A person will be able to unwind mentally and physically from creation while taking in the beauty. 

Life will no longer be gray and monotonous as a result of art. It instantly lifts one’s spirits and instills confidence.

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