6 Hudson Valley Woodworkers Crafting Contemporary Furniture and Home Goods | Design & Decor | Hudson Valley

6 Hudson Valley Woodworkers Crafting Contemporary Furniture and Home Goods | Design & Decor | Hudson Valley

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New York Heartwoods' Eclipse Coffee Tables - IMAGE COURTESY OF FIELD + SUPPLY

  • Image courtesy of Field + Supply
  • New York Heartwoods’ Eclipse Coffee Tables

With a yearly slate of beloved regional craft fairs including Field + Supply, The Farmhouse Project, and Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair shining a major spotlight on high-quality craftspeople honing their skills at the highest level, the furniture and home goods scene has never looked more stylish. From high-end furniture makers turning out one-of-a-kind live-edge tables and headboards to design studios offering thoughtful storage solutions and functional home goods, the local woodworking landscape abounds with gorgeous objects made from conscientiously sourced materials that make a home feel cozy and connected to the natural world.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect statement coffee table to complete your living room redesign or beautiful and functional storage pieces that help save you space, we’ve rounded up six woodworking studios in the Hudson Valley with gorgeous, hand-crafted furniture and home goods you’re sure to love. 

1. Brian Persico, Windham

Brian Persico’s strikingly elegant one-of-a-kind furniture and line of functional objects are inspired by natural materials, informed by craft throughout history, and made by hand in his Catskills studio.

The wood Persico uses is often sourced less than 20 miles away, and the finishes and glues he uses are made with natural ingredients, some of which he has recreated according to recipes that date as far back as the 16th Century. His experience utilizing unusual natural materials to make archery bows, such as horn, bone, and sinew, has also influenced his work, and can be seen in his Windham series, which utilizes tiny pins carved from antler that Persico gathered in the woods around his home.

Pieces we love:

The Handmade Pine and Osage Kindling Box is full of thoughtful detailing, including hand-cut dovetail joinery on the corners and a bent Osage Orange handle with handmade copper rivets. The Walnut Cove Mirror, made with an antique architectural molding plane, would make a stunning statement at the end of a hall or to add light to another cozy vignette.

Shop Brian Persico.

2. New York Heartwoods, Kingston

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New York Heartwoods' Highland Coffee Table - IMAGE COURTESY OF FIELD + SUPPLY

  • Image courtesy of Field + Supply
  • New York Heartwoods’ Highland Coffee Table

For years, New York Heartwoods founder Megan Offner had watched wood materials being used to construct photo shoots in her career as an advertising set designer, only to be tossed out at the end of the day. So in 2010 she moved upstate and founded her Warwick- and Kingston-based mill and lumber-processing studio with a mission to reclaim wood and ensure that trees aren’t cut down in vain.

New York Heartwoods gives discarded lumber and Hudson Valley trees felled by weather or disease or removed during property development a second life, via its carpentry studio or sale to architects, designers, and woodworkers, as building materials or bespoke furniture and artfully crafted products.

Pieces we love:

The Eclipse Coffee Tables are sure to become your living room’s newest conversation piece—the pair are designed to nest together or work independently if you’d like. With faceted corners, butterfly key inlays, and a hand-shaped Mid-Century design-inspired base, the Highland Coffee Table has plenty of character in a minimalist silhouette.

Shop New York Heartwoods.

3. FN Furniture, Stone Ridge

Once the go-to artisan for high-end architects looking for bespoke furniture, Ken Landauer launched FN Furniture in 2017 as a way to use furniture as activism—creating well-designed, affordable furniture with zero waste. LN Furniture’s indoor and outdoor chair, bench, and sofa designs are guided by yogic principles, so that the angles and surfaces of each piece support comfort and alignment.

The indoor furniture is made with multi-layered Baltic Birch Plywood cut on a CNC (computer numeric control) machine. After Landauer began receiving requests for outdoor models and office furniture, in 2020, he launched an outdoor line following the same principles, but made from sheets of marine-grade, high-density plastic.

Pieces we love:

In striking hues like red, yellow, and green, as well as natural clear acrylic, the F2 Rocker would make an eye-catching and ergonomic addition to any living room or sunroom. Work-from-home warrior? The F2 Writing Desk has two thoughtful nooks and plenty of space to host your computer, too.

Shop FN Furniture.

4. Samuel Moyer Furniture, Staatsburg

Staatsburg and LA-based furniture maker Samuel Moyer is committed to the idea of making furniture and artwork for our grandchildren’s children—that lasts, links generations, and reduces waste and consumption. His line of handmade, made-to-order cabinets, tables, consoles, chairs, and beds often integrate brass with unusual, often self-milled woods like locust or American black walnut, and usually contain unfinished sections that show the process of working with wood.

Pieces we love:

All pieces are custom and made-to-order, but we’re smitten with anything that features statement joinery and thoughtful ways to showcase a raw edge.

Explore Samuel Moyer Furniture.

5. KHEM Studios, Stanford

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KHEM Studios Mega Whale Bone Cutting Board in Walnut - IMAGE COURTESY OF FIELD + SUPPLY

  • Image courtesy of Field + Supply
  • KHEM Studios Mega Whale Bone Cutting Board in Walnut

KHEM Studios was founded by Kari Britta Lorenson and Erik S. Guzman in 2016 (the studio name is an acronym for Kari’s name, their daughter Hanna’s, Erik’s, and their giant schnauzer, Maple’s).

The studio originated from Britta Lorenson and Guzman’s desire to find simple, clean contemporary designs made with natural solid hardwoods. The couple, who both have sculpture-based backgrounds, started by translating that vision into a line of homewares and furniture collections designed and made in their Stanford studio with locally sourced kiln-dried hardwoods.

Pieces we love:

The Mega Whale Bone Cutting Board combines artistry with functionality whose size and deep channel can handle anything you’d ever need to carve. Looking for a statement piece of furniture? The Unity Bench is all elegant lines and unique, appealing angles, and would look equally stellar as a mudroom bench or as seating for your dining table.

Shop KHEM Studios.

6. Accordance with Nature, Accord

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Accordance with Nature's Woven Shelf, Dowl Rail, and Peg Rail in White Oak, and Squiggle Hook - IMAGE COURTESY OF FIELD + SUPPLY

  • Image courtesy of Field + Supply
  • Accordance with Nature’s Woven Shelf, Dowl Rail, and Peg Rail in White Oak, and Squiggle Hook

Accord-based design and furniture studio Accordance with Nature was founded by Patrick Turiello and Leah Fabish, self-taught furniture makers whose backgrounds in sculpture, architecture, and industrial design inform much of their work.

From sculptural side tables to thoughtfully designed, wall-mounted shelves and peg rails customized to fit any space, each piece is designed and manufactured by Turiello and finished by Fabish, utilizing tools and machinery acquired from various factories, toolmakers, and artisans no longer in business or who don’t need them anymore.

Pieces we love:

With delicate interwoven slats and a sturdy wall mount, the Woven Shelf No. 1 in White Oak is a beautifully designed compact solution to small space organizing. And the Peg Rail No. 2 in Ebonized Oak can stylishly whip that pile of coats in your entryway into orderly shape in no time.

Shop Accordance with Nature.

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