8 Easy To Grow Houseplants Loved By Interior Designers

8 Easy To Grow Houseplants Loved By Interior Designers

If you fork out focus to the rooms you are pinning on Pinterest, I’ll bet they have something in typical: lush, green foliage in the variety of an indoor tree or lovable tabletop succulent. Though it is real that crops are the easiest way to convert your residence into an oasis, it requires a minimal know-how to identify which versions will (a) go with the aesthetic you are immediately after, and (b) stay alive in the precise circumstances of your property. I’ve acquired from encounter that not all indoor plants are created equivalent, and above the many years I have amassed a particular list of easy to grow houseplants that go with my interior design vibe, far too.

Though I appreciate to improve matters, I’ll be the initially to acknowledge that my inexperienced thumb did not occur the natural way. For years, I was ridiculed by my family (all incredible gardeners) for permitting my property vegetation die a gradual agonizing demise as they bought way too much or also tiny light-weight, or went months with out viewing a drop of water (oops!) The turning point happened when I started managing my household vegetation with care. I know it sounds apparent, but 1 simple apply altered almost everything for my relationship with plants: I extra a Sunday reminder to my calendar to “water the vegetation.” I last but not least heeded my personal suggestions to just agenda the point, and… it worked!

No make any difference how occupied the weekend gets, I relish in the 15 minutes it will take to go all-around each individual area of the residence, providing my plants a very good shower in the sink (or for larger sized kinds, in the real shower.) This is also the time when I look at the leaves for telltale indications of also very little mild (yellowing or dropping leaves) or far too a great deal light-weight (generally brown dry patches) and can alter their positioning appropriately. The consequence is that my residence plants are now nutritious and tremendous lush–and it can make me delighted each individual time I see them.

So, ready to go plant purchasing? Scroll on for 8 straightforward to grow houseplants that are beloved by inside designers (and me!) to make any space of the property truly feel much more serene.

Rubber Plant

You heard it below very first: rubber plants are the new fiddle leaf figs. The deep inexperienced foliage and sculptural form of this attractive member of the ficus family members will make it a subtle addition to any room–no surprise designers adore them. Whilst they can tolerate immediate light, mine have completed a bit superior when the gentle is additional oblique. I give my rubber tree a great drinking water each individual 7 days in the course of my Sunday session. Some of them even have pink-hued variegation, which is stunning.


Oh how I enjoy a Philodendron–they’re one of the stunning, actually simple to grow houseplants I always have in my property, and they do not demand anything a lot more than weekly watering (and if you neglect a 7 days or two, they’ll be high-quality.) There are many versions of Philodendron–some can get definitely big–and I feel they are all attractive. They like partial daylight that mimics their indigenous tropical natural environment. Notice that Philodendrons are harmful to pets, so be very careful.

Audrey Ficus

The Audrey Ficus is my absolute most loved for both of those indoors and out so I experienced to give it a spotlight–see the one particular in our residing room, above? Swoon. Modern and minimalist, it can develop into a complete tree like a fiddle leaf fig, but it’s way simpler to preserve joyful and flourishing. For developing achievements, put your Audrey Ficus in a location that receives bright, oblique gentle, and allow the major layer of soil completely dry out ahead of watering


A trailing vine adds such a neat touch to any space–I in particular like one particular on a shelf in the lavatory to incorporate spa-like vibes. The Pothos has gained the nickname “devil’s ivy” for its capability to stand up to dark conditions and any fashion of watering neglect.


A different inside designer fave, the Monstera adds a tropical sense to your room, and I adore how significant and lush it can get with good care. Monsteras are a type of Philodendron, but I experienced to dedicate an full area to this particular beauty due to the fact it is a single of my really preferred quick to improve houseplants. Decide on a deep pot with excellent drainage, put in dazzling, indirect sunlight, and h2o weekly. It is an instantaneous way to incorporate important wow variable to a bed room, dwelling place, or patio.

Air Plants

It feels a bit magical: Tillandsia grows without dirt altogether, producing it a fantastic plant to tuck into a sculpture or basket-style vessel that can not keep dirt or water. I spritz mine with a spray bottle of drinking water every single couple months, and my young children never fall short to be impressed at this plant that will take care of itself.


A excellent way to include tropical vibes to a house, I adore the pink-tinged foliage and sculptural shape of the Bromeliad (it’s in the similar family as a pineapple!) Make guaranteed to place them in a pot with a lot of drainage so that drinking water does not sit on the roots. While they don’t past forever (typically about a calendar year), Bromeliad’s produce “pups” that you can harvest and start out the system once more.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant (also acknowledged as the fortunate plant or the dollars tree!) are one particular of the most effortless to mature houseplants in the succulent relatives. Given that they are incredibly long lasting and can face up to some skipped waterings, they are fantastic for newbies and will generally stick all around for a long time.