Cleaning up garden and flower beds? Here’s what to do and not to do

While monarch butterflies migrate south for the winter season, the greater part of native insects overwinter appropriate below in Larger Columbus, normally hiding in basic sight. Butterflies and moths these as swallowtails, fritillaries and the luna moth overwinter in chrysalids, cleverly blending in with leaves and dead plant stalks in the backyard and household landscape.

Fireflies and native bees hide in leaf litter or generate burrows underground in backyard garden regions and stay within just an inch or two from the floor of the soil. Some bees invest the wintertime and lay eggs in normal cavities these as hollow stems of crops this kind of as coneflower, some varieties of sedums, and even decorative grasses. How we cleanse up our gardens and planting beds in the slide can have a harmful impact on the populations of valuable insects and pollinators in our gardens future spring.