Cosplay-friendly interior design — Japanese cosplayer shows off crazy apartment entryway

Cosplay-friendly interior design — Japanese cosplayer shows off crazy apartment entryway

Most Japanese condominium entryways are stuffed with sneakers, but this one is loaded with anything else, Get Auto Repair.

If you close your eyes and think about a cosplayer’s condominium, you are going to most likely picture a closet filled with all types of elaborate anime and movie sport-impressed outfits. Possibly there is a total place that’s develop into a workshop, with piles of fabric and sewing gear, and potentially in a corner of the dwelling room you will uncover a gown form, just one of those people torso mannequin items, for final alternations in purchase to get the best suit.

And it’s doable all of people descriptions utilize to the apartment of Japanese cosplayer and Twitter person @reo09reo. But genuinely, the most strange, and magnificent, component of @reo09reo’s residence is the entryway, which seems to be like this.

There is a veritable samurai sword arsenal just within the doorway, and while that might look like katana overkill, this cosplayer needs every and every just one of them. That is mainly because @reo09reo is particularly fond of cosplaying as figures from Touken Ranbu, the anime/video clip video game franchise about anthropomorphized sword boys.

“Am I overdoing it with the overcome readiness of my entryway?” tweets @reo09reo.

With each Touken Ranbu character staying the embodiment of a historical sword, in a natural way they all have a unique weapon of their own, and fans’ eyes will be examining for that variety of resource product fidelity when on the lookout at a cosplayer’s outfit. Truly, the earlier mentioned picture isn’t even @reo09reo’s complete katana selection, due to the fact there is just one extra (at the base suitable) in the full team shot below, Get Auto Repair.

So which sword boys’ swords are they? Starting off with the top rated row and relocating from still left to correct, the weapons are individuals of Izuminokami Kanesada, Hizamaru, Kashu Kiyomitsu, and Yagen Toshiro. At the base left corner is a pre-cosplay sword which is awaiting customization to turn it into a suitable Touken Ranbu, and going right from there are the swords of Okurikara, Buzen Go, Honebami Toshiro, Nikkari Aoe, and Tsurumaru Kuninaga.

▼ The umbrellas are just umbrellas.

@reo09reo mentions that as extraordinary as the sword stockpile seems to be, they’re actually all produced out of wood, with no metal blades, and that the ensuing lightness is a furthermore when having to lug them to cosplay photo shoot spots.

Of system, even though they’re nevertheless in their scabbards the costume katana appear like the genuine offer, so when there is a bundle getting shipped, @reo09reo asks the shipping and delivery person to just depart it exterior the front doorway, then retrieves it once they’ve left, just to make sure no one gets freaked out when the doorway opens and they see what is inside the entryway.

Source: Twitter/@reo09reo through Otakomu
Best picture: Pakutaso
Insert pictures: Twitter/@reo09reo (1, 2)
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