Custom Mudroom and Entryway Success Tips

Custom Mudroom and Entryway Success Tips

Welcome to the world of custom mudrooms and entryways! In this blog, we’ll be exploring tips and tricks for creating a functional and stylish space that meets your unique needs and sets the tone for your home. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to renovate an existing space, we’ve got you covered.

#1: Do Not Start Your Mudroom without a Plan

A mudroom design often has only one wall. These systems are often found in narrow hallways. Space is limited. Strategic thinking is a must.

Begin by sketching a rough plan. Take measurements of the wall’s width and depth. Consider whether you would prefer a ‘closed-door’ or an ‘open cubby” system. Can I make a cubby or separate area for each member of the family? (note: you will need between 20-24 inches and 24 inches per person). Would you like to have a place to put my boots and shoes on?

#2: Do Not Use Your Valuable Vertical Volume

Although it may be tempting to grab a piece of generic entryway furniture and just throw it in your space, its height restrictions (and fixed designs!) are two good reasons to reconsider. Entryway furniture is 72 inches high. This can leave you with little space at the top, especially if your ceilings are 9′. This is the space you really need.

#3: You must pay attention to whether or not your side or garage doors open in or out

The majority of mudrooms are located next to a door. Your design will be affected by whether the door opens inward or outward.

If your door swings in and have a depth of 16″, then pull-out drawers at the bottom are a bad idea. If someone opens the door, they can bang on the drawer and land the person behind it on the butt. Open cubbies are a better option for shallow (16″ depth) mudroom systems (where there is an inswing door)

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