favorita spa decorates interior designs with 350 precious stone surfaces

favorita spa offers consumers exclusivety from much more than 350 elements


exclusivity is unquestionably a single of favorita spa‘s strongest characteristics as the brand’s choice of all-natural stone offers just about every interior job a tailor-made, aesthetic result. with a lot more than 350 types of processed elements such as marble, granite, onyx and semi-treasured stone, an exquisite, new and present-day combine usually enhances any décor layout, from the most informal to the most lavish and opulent. all the slabs of the surfaces are processed in italy with the newest era equipment, operated by hugely specialized personnel – necessary to make the most of these treasured elements and to promise the impeccable and distinctive products.

(higher than) black vermont lies among the kinds most in demand by architects and interior designers

(banner) breccia imperiale quartzite ranges from espresso to chestnut as it is softened by slim white veins

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the organic stones are resistant and best for community areas


lighter and darker brown shades alternate with favorita spa‘s breccia imperiale quartzite, ranging from espresso to chestnut and softened by thin white veins. like all quartzites, it is a really hard and resistant product, nicely suited for use in large site visitors surfaces these types of as floors or general public spaces, as well as kitchen area countertops. in addition to the common shiny, leather and polished finishes, the content is also now readily available in a end, which employs a micro-sandblasting strategy. this system can make the surface area rough to the contact devoid of affecting the brilliance and depth of the shade.

favorita spa decorates interior designs with 350 precious stone surfaces
reminiscent of the well-known mausoleum, the taj mahal quartzite is distinguished by the milky white track record crossed by delicate shades



fragile colors reminiscent of those of the famed mausoleum from which this quartzite requires its name. taj mahal is distinguished by the milky white track record getting crossed by pleasurable shades that array from sand to hazelnut, further embellished with refined golden veins a substance with a advanced natural beauty. its characteristics are similarly increased by the typical glossy, sleek and leather-based finishes, despite the fact that the latter two are the most asked for by the sector for their extra tactile influence and substantially preferred by designers and prospects.



the silvery veins of the sky white dolomite remind of a dreamy, whitewashed landscape. the texture of dolomite, far more resistant than marble, broaden the material’s options for use. it can be polished, smoothed or brushed dependent on the use or the aesthetic final result essential, with no impacting the colors and capabilities in any way.

favorita spa decorates interior designs with 350 precious stone surfaces
sky white can be polished, smoothed or brushed depending on the use or the aesthetic consequence needed, without having impacting the colours



on the contrary, a far more vivid and luxuriant eco-friendly illuminates any composition it is uncovered to. avocatus is a substance that lends alone to the most different makes use of, but ideal expresses its character when laid in massive formats in open locations. among the all the probable procedures, the leather-based finish very best boosts its attributes, creating a sensational a few-dimensional influence.

favorita spa decorates interior designs with 350 precious stone surfaces
avocatus lends itself to the most varied utilizes, but best expresses its character when laid in big formats in open up areas building a sensational 3-dimensional impact



brazilian granite black vermont lies among the stones most in demand from customers by architects and interior designers. with its modern day anthracite-gray shade, the products reveals its tone-on-tone imperceptible veins. with an very resistant excellent, the uses are almost limitless the two indoors and outdoors. in the smooth end, the darkish and uniform colour is lightened by other shades a element that can be utilized to develop unique compositions by combining distinctive contrasting finishes.



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