Fun, Clever, and Unique Bookshelves

Fun, Clever, and Unique Bookshelves

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If I had a house of unlimited space, I’d build a set of incredible bookshelves, floor to ceiling, and then invest in a ton of fun, clever, and unique bookshelves to fill other rooms. I do not, unfortunately, have unlimited space, and the reality is that while I probably own more books than the average person, I also get rid of books regularly and don’t need to have a ton of shelf space. That doesn’t mean I do not love dreaming this dream and drooling over the incredible array of bookshelves that populate that fantasy.

Whether you’re in the market for a bookshelf refresh or like to also entertain what your ideal books-at-home situation would look like, here is collection of incredible bookshelves. Some of these will be the kind you attach to a wall, while others will be stand alone. There are bookshelves here “for kids” that, of course, people of any age can put into their home because why limit fun?

Let’s take a look at these unique bookshelves and maybe even splurge on ourselves a bit. I’ve not included some of the other awesome bookshelves out there, including the book ropes and swings or the most expensive bookshelves in the world. Bookshelves included come in a range of prices.

Fun, Clever, and Unique Bookshelves You Can Buy Right Now

Image of a single bookshelf in the shape of a rainbow

Do not believe this rainbow bookshelf is only for kids. Put this anywhere you want to! $40 and up.

Image of a light wood bookcase in the shape of a tree.

This standing bookshelf in the shape of a tree is incredible. The details, the space, the aesthetic — there is nothing not amazing here. It will set you back a bit, though, at $2820, but this is a work of art.

Image of a bookshelf made of heavy wood with a live edge. It has five Edison lights beneath it.

This live-edge bookshelf with attached Edison lights gives me all of the cozy coffee shop vibes. $375

Image of a VW style bus in green and white. It is loaded with children's books in a children's bedroom.

This is another bookshelf that is “for” children, but who would not want a VW bus inspired shelf? This has some color options and the shelves are flexible in depth. $277

Image of a large white bookcase in the shape of a dog.

Man’s best friend can also be where you store your books. Check out this rad dog bookshelf! $270 and up.

Now Reading bookshelf in brown wood.

You may not be able to keep a ton of books on this shelf, but you can always know what you’re now reading with it. $22

Image of two wooden bookshelves in the shape of a rectangle with an empty center. A book is inside the center of each.

This is another one of those types of shelves where you can’t hold a lot, but you are going for it because of the aesthetic. How fun is this pair of floating wooden shelves? $20

Image of a hemispheric bookshelf in dark brown.

The 3-D styling of this bookshelf really makes it pop. $289 and up with a couple of color options.

Image of six colorful book shelves in the shape of cubes. They are hanging on a dark blue wall.

Choose from a rainbow of colors for this set of six cube bookshelves. I love the mix and match quality of the choices in the sample image. $500

Image of a set of bookshelves. The sides of the shelves have a honeycomb pattern. There are plants on the shelves.

Choose however many shelves you’d like with this modular shelving unit. The honeycomb sides are so swoony and add a nice pop of something special. $100 and up.

Image of a green and yellow tractor bookshelf.

For that perfect farm decor (it’s stinking cute, isn’t it?). $500 and up.

Image of a white bookshelf with six shelves in a geometric pattern. It is against a grey wall.

It’s maybe not the most unique among this collection, but this geometric bookshelf is fun AND super functional. $150.

You can fit a surprising number of books on this one-of-a-kind metal spiral bookshelf. $625

Image of six rows of books hanging on a wall.

What a novel (heh) way to utilize wall space. These hanging bookshelves do not damage your books and allow you to display some cool covers. $71

Image of a book shelf made of three hexagons side by side. It is behind a green chair.

I’m a big modern furniture fan, and this hexagon bookshelf ticks all of my boxes. $244 and up.

Image of a giant geometric bookshelf

Last but not least, this geometric bookshelf is a showstopper. You will definitely be living in a decorative bookshelf dream with this piece of art. It’ll also set you back a bit at $4200.

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