Gardening trends and priorities in NE Florida for 2022

Gardens that resemble tropical destinations have become a popular trend during the pandemic.

What type of gardening trends are predicted in the new year?

I guess it was difficult for even our out of doors areas to escape the pandemic’s aftereffects. We have been laser targeted on the modifications and adaptations of our have way of life styles and routines. The travel limitations, excessive temperatures and elevated anxiety turned stress and anxiety concentrations have culminated into new gardening themes.

The pause offered us with an chance to reassess what greatest serves us on equally sides of our residences. As a result, horticultural professionals have collaborated on what path customers are trending to. And it will come as no surprise that these ideas revolve all around our mental well being, goal-stuffed plantings and weather improve.

All through what felt like a long-lasting staycation, residents began generating superior use of their total residence, not just the indoors. Outdoor spaces developed into garden rooms, which produced an expanse of individual house.