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There’s nothing like Thanksgiving weekend to inspire a redecorating project, especially when you have extended family taking over your guest rooms or sleeping on that pull-out sofa. Luckily, Black Friday furniture deals are here to the rescue because no, you don’t need to break the bank to snag a new loveseat, bed frame, or coffee table. And after a huge family feast, you may even want to swap out your dining table for a new one.

Everything You Need to Know About Back Friday Furniture Deals

While the home decor deals haven’t officially arrived and we can’t share the specifics on which of our favorite retailers are having sales, we do have last year’s deals to help us predict what’s to come. But yes, you guessed it…pretty much any home-centric store you love had impressive discounts last season. Therefore, we have a hunch that the sales will at least be on par with 2021, so all that’s left to say is, “good luck and happy shopping!”

Keep scrolling to familiarize yourself with past discounts. We wouldn’t be surprised if the same markdowns came back for another round. As shopping editors, we believe that our interiors are never truly done—though that may just be an excuse to keep buying things. Either way, we are here for a big sale, and there is no sale bigger than the ones on Black Friday. Peep our favorites from 2021 below and make sure to check back here as early as November 1st for a rolling roundup of the Black Friday furniture promotions.


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Black Friday Furniture Deals

The online giant is offering savings on everything from kitchenware and tech to furniture, home essentials, and more.

Anthropologie promoted 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} on everything in stores and online. Score chic furniture and a few Christmas gifts while you shop.

Customers enjoyed up to 35{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on all purchases.

Keep your home sparkling clean and healthy thanks to Branch Basics. All kits on the site were 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off and there’s a free gift with your purchase!

Shoppers received 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide.

The more you bought, the more you saved with 10{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on orders up to $2,199, $225 on orders of $2,200 or more, $275 on $2,500 or more, $325 on $2,800 or more, $375 off $3,100 or more, $425 off $3,500 or more, $500 off $4,000 or more, and $750 off orders of $5,000 and up.

You could have saved 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on mattresses and bundles and up to 50{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off everything else. The brand is also removing 10 percent from bedding accessories.

Apply code: MERRYMERRY for 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off.

From the stunning TriZone ZONE Airfryer to the must-have ROTO waffle iron, you could have scored huge on this beautiful collection during last year’s Cyber Monday. The brand offered 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off its products and 5{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} of profits went toward ending food insecurity.

Readers could have saved 37{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on this pediatrician-approved humidifier. It includes a starter set and four replacement filters.

Last year’s promo offered a rare chance to save on paint with $15 off 3 or more gallons, or $30 off 6 or more gallons.

If you used code CYBERSALE20, you could have saved 40{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} on specials, 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off orders over $300, and 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} on everything else.

This beauty secured its spot as Oprah’s favorite! Last year was a time to score 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on the most stunning charger for your desk or side table.

There were savings of 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide.

Code BLACKFRIDAY could have given you 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide (excluded furniture, ancillary, found, and sale products).

Last Cyber Monday, you could have gotten 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off everything: organic mattresses, organic pillows, adjustable foundations, organic crib mattresses, and the Kingston organic pet bed. Receive two free comfort pillows with a mattress purchase.

You could have saved up to 60{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on home decor, holiday decor, furniture, wall decor, and more.

With the code BFCM21, you could have landed 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off at checkout.

Offers included: $30 off Nest Thermostat, $50 off Nest Cam with Floodlight slashes on Nest Wifi with router deals, $20 off the Nest Indoor Cam, $50 off the Nest Hub Max and Gen 2, and $40 off the Nest Audio.

Shoppers found 50{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off across select items such as art, shelving units, throw pillows, and chic accessories. (Not a H&M member yet? It’s free to sign up!)

The promotion was 15{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off all collections and new products. Trade customers received 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off.

Last year shoppers received 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on all furniture and free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

You could have enjoyed 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off everything, excluding custom furniture, fabric, and wallpaper.

You had the chance to score on beautiful handcrafted ceramics with 15{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide.

Last year, savings were 50{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off some of the brand’s iconic cookware, including casserole dishes, frying pans, and more.

Lulu and Georgia’s sitewide shopping extravaganza included 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off with code THANKFUL.

There were great finds with up to 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off.

One-of-a-kind holiday finds were available at 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off and free shipping sitewide.

You could have received 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide during the brand’s third annual Kinder Kitchens Sale. It was an opportunity to give back to organizations supporting Material’s community. Shoppers had the option to give a donation from their discount to Star Route Farm’s food access work.

The best prints and canvases were 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off with free shipping. Apply code CM2021 today and Tuesday.

You could have designed the closet of your dreams with 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide.

20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off modern furniture, lifestyle products, and home decor was the deal.

You could have taken advantage of 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off premium bamboo sheets with code EPIC.

Sheets and duvets were 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off. Customers also received a free set of sheets or a cozy duvet when buying a luxury mattress.

There was 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide for the best mattresses, mattress pads, cribs, and sheets for your baby.

Overstock’s sale included 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off mattresses and bedroom furniture, 70{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off area rugs, and kitchen appliances as low as $49.

You could have gotten 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide (excluding bed frames).

Kitchen lovers could have scored on kitchen must-haves with 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on KitchenAid, Ayesha Curry’s kitchenwares, and more with sales event code: GIFTS.

You could have saved $600 on select mattresses and bundles.

Customers enjoyed 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off storewide and online.

There were 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} savings sitewide for fabulous rugs.

Rifle Paper Co. offered 30{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide with code: HOLIDAY30 (including wallpaper, rugs, pillows, and more!).

Ruggable’s sitewide sale included 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off.

Last year, savings went up to 80{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off!

You could have gotten designer rugs by the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg, Kelly Wearstler, Mary Katrantzou, Vivienne Westwood, and more. The sales were up to 70{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off!

Code SHOPSMALL75 got you $100 off the Essential Sofa and Sectional and $75 off the Essential Loveseat and Chair.

DECKTHEHALLS gave you $350 off sublime-sized art and the Gary Linden x St. Frank surfboard collaboration.

There were great discounts on top must-have items with up to 50{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off furniture and 40{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off bedding.

This digital art gallery gave 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off between November 14th and the 29th.

While supplies lasted, you could have saved up to 40{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} on mattresses.

Customers received 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off.

With code BROWNFRIDAY, shoppers got 40{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off all bidet attachments.

There was 25{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off and free standard shipping.

With code BFFNOPO20, you could have gotten 20{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off sitewide.

Walmart spread out Black Friday and Cyber Monday via three major store events for homewares, electronics, seasonal decor, toys, apparel, and gifts.

Major savings of up to 80{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off swept the site in select categories like area rugs, large appliances, bedding, and so much more.

You could have saved 70{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off on everything, and used a code to apply free shipping on orders over $79.

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When should you start shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Retailers big and small will likely announce Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ahead of the official date of November 25th. That said, we recommend checking out your favorite sites and our list as early as November 1st.

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How much do prices drop on Black Friday?

The deals are specific to each brand (and even each item), but some of the biggest retailers may offer up to 75{30865861d187b3c2e200beb8a3ec9b8456840e314f1db0709bac7c430cb25d05} off best-selling products.

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Why trust us?

Some people may not have time to peruse the Internet every few minutes for the best deals available, but we build our whole day around it. We’re confident that we won’t leave anything good out!

We’ll be updating this page as new sales are announced, so keep checking back here for new deals on furniture and home goods.

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