Halloween house: Wallsend mum scares kids with zombie-themed garden complete with actors

A mum has transformed her garden into what looks like a creepy scene from a zombie film.

Angela Burns has become a local sensation in recent years due to her Halloween displays. Each year, the 47-year-old selects a theme and decorates the garden of her home on Ashfield Gardens in Wallsend with gruesome decorations.

She even gets her daughter Lauren, 28, and her friends to dress up and play the part of actors. This year they are dressing up as zombies and are directing trick or treaters through the garden to Angela, who will hand out sweets.

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Angela, who has dressed up as a zombie witch for the occasion, said: “I have been doing it for quite a few years to scare the children. I became well-known in the streets and everyone started to come. Neighbours say they can’t get over how good it is getting and how it is better and better each year.

“I get a lot of children saying ‘What are you going to create this year?’ and I say ‘Wait and see and come along!’ We’ve got designated areas where my daughter and her friends will be standing and showing the children and parents where to walk through to reach me.”

Angela said she has enjoyed Halloween since being a child and has always been interested in witches and the supernatural. She has been creating spooky displays in her front garden and her side garden since she moved into the property around 20 years ago.

She said: “Ever since being little I have always enjoyed Halloween but obviously when I was little it was a black bin bag and walking around with a turnip. We never ever knocked on doors, we walked around and we went home and dunked for apples.

Lauren Burns at her haunted Halloween house in Wallsend.

“My daughter has always enjoyed me having fun. It was her who said let’s do a theme and get her friends to help.”

On October 31 last year, Angela created a circus theme with her daughter and her friends playing the roles of a ring master, mime artist and clowns. She has also previously had a Hansel and Gretel theme and, on another occasion, she covered her garden in huge cobwebs so trick or treaters couldn’t see the front door.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Angela and her daughter continued to scare children on Halloween. They sat either side of her main gate and put a big cauldron containing packaged sweets at the front door.

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