Hatton: Gardening mistakes, part 2

Last 7 days I talked about the lack of proper soil preparation as probably the most typical blunder that gardeners make. Owning produced many, I am as experienced as anybody to generate about backyard issues. The faults I’m creating about, on the other hand, are individuals that are far more serious or have a extended-term impact on the backyard and the gardener, not compact or inadvertent faults that we make periodically in the perform of our gardening.

Bob Hatton

Plant choice and placement are large on my checklist of things that will need far more imagined. It is all too prevalent to see large shrubs or trees that are covering home windows or encroaching on driveways and sidewalks. Inevitably in these cases you will see that component of the offending plant has been pruned to preserve it away from no matter what it is crowding. This outcomes in a bizarre, misshapen plant that is not esthetically satisfying.