Here are some reasons why your garden’s volunteer plants can be good

These two pumpkins from a volunteer were unusual and attractive.

In Oct, I explained some undesirable volunteers in my landscape that have been obnoxious these types of as privet and pecan seedlings. Even so, not all volunteers are obnoxious and I will describe a handful of good types below.

This year, and for the previous two many years, I have had butternut squash volunteers in my dahlia backyard garden and this yr was only outstanding in the phenomenal range of butternut squash produced. This is a volunteer that is effective out properly mainly because dahlias go higher and squash vines keep small. The only disadvantage is that I have to tread meticulously to not move or journey on a vine. I harvested a bonanza of these and have been giving them absent as I experienced way way too many for us to eat. 

A several to keep away from:Even Master Gardeners have crops they will not like