Home-grown, homemade ornaments on St. Francis convent ‘winter tree’

Home-grown, homemade ornaments on St. Francis convent ‘winter tree’
Angel ornaments at the St. Francis Convent are made from corn husks, and their wings are milkweed pods painted gold.

The winter season tree that the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi adorn in the foyer of their property displays far more than their like of Xmas. It also demonstrates their camaraderie, the skills of staff who operate with them, and their devotion to the setting.

On the significant artificial tree in Elizabeth Corridor at the St. Francis Convent in St. Francis, all the ornaments are normal.

Angels created from corn husks have wings fashioned from dried milkweed pods garlands are crafted from apples, sizzling peppers and Chinese lantern pods sensitive bouquets are fashioned from the seed pods of silver dollar vegetation and star-formed gourds are painted a shimmering gold.

These decorations and extra ended up grown in the large backyard garden, the greenhouse or the orchard the sisters are inclined on their residence.

Sister Mary Jerome Lacy, 86, who painted the underside of milkweed pods utilized to make the corn husk angels, was pleased to be aspect of the array of expertise working on this year’s tree.

But, she included, her initially try was not exactly stellar.

“I came in a single working day to see if there was anything at all I could do to aid. The very first matter I did was to knock around a jar of white paint. I imagined, ‘There goes my imaginative means!’ But it was Ok. Larry (Willkomm) gave me a larger sized brush, and then I could do it.