Inside a Strikingly Modern Palm Spring Weekend Home by Woods + Dangaran

A glass bridge connects the garage and visitor quarters to the primary volume of the home.

Joe Fletcher © 2021

The monolithic volume of the household is wrapped in panels of organic patinated brass, which will keep on to weather conditions as they react to the sun and rain. Two piers of burnished CMU (concrete masonry device) blocks bookend the floating, brass-clad part of the construction, tethering the house to the land. “We did a lot of months of testing samples of the brass on-website. The individuality of the substance variations by the hour as the light-weight hits in at diverse angles. The brass feels alive,” Woods notes.

Light-weight and shadow, of program, are vital parts of an architect’s tool kit, and their suitable orchestration is nowhere more essential than in a desert location. Overhangs at the rear of the dwelling, like the a person that shades a seating space and firepit by the pool, build cozy alfresco refuges from the merciless Palm Springs solar. Metal trellises that extend from equally sides of the glass bridge, hovering over sunken Zen-like gardens of barrel cacti and boulders, also get the job done to mediate the inflow of all-natural light-weight. “The louver system is a purposeful architectural element, but the way it performs with mild, the way it results in these mesmerizing styles, feels almost like art. The trellises act like a sundial, tracing the passage of time all through the day and from time to time,” Dangaran suggests.

Flooring-to-ceiling curtains along the front elevation—installed in accordance with the prevailing Miesian grid that dictated the measurement and disposition of anything from the window mullions and travertine flooring to the module of the CMU blocks—also mood the sunlight while incorporating a layer of softness to the tricky-edged architecture. “Intentionally framing or blocking particular sights can heighten the drama of the amazing vistas. In addition, we’re not afraid of material and textiles and other decorator thrives. They include to the total knowledge of the house, and they’re subjectively 
wonderful,” Woods insists.

Notwithstanding all those protestations of amity towards decor, the toughness of the dwelling resides in its refined architectural volumes, modern traces, and meticulous plotting. The bold, tectonic composition alights on the terrain with deference and grace, but it stays an alien presence in the landscape, a singular, rectilinear object established amid the natural boulders that cradle it. “The plan is not to try for some variety of excellent harmony with the land, which is unattainable, but to foster an intriguing dialogue among the gentleman-manufactured and the pure,” Dangaran concludes. “But as substantially as it makes an architectural assertion, this place was made as a relaxed, inspiring retreat for my family,” Woods provides. “This dwelling is exact, but it is not cherished.”