Interior Designer Shares Home Trends That Are in and Out for Fall

Interior Designer Shares Home Trends That Are in and Out for Fall

Jewel tones are all the rage for fall, especially orange.

orange pops of color in a living room with a green accent wall and a gray moulding paneled wall

Adding jewel tones like emerald and amber is a popular trend for the fall.

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Different jewel tones trend every season, mainly because of the warmth and texture they bring to living spaces. But orange is the breakout star this fall.

From paprika to citrus hues, orange can help you achieve your design, whether it’s contemporary or farmhouse style.

It’s a great way to add a pop of color while imprinting your personality into the space.

Try putting your workspace in a hidden area of your home.

office hidden in a closet under the staircase

Hideaway offices are a great way to separate work from your personal life.

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Although the pandemic increased the need for home offices, they don’t necessarily have to be visible.

Many people who work from home also want to have some separation between their professional and personal lives.

Hideaway home offices can be an excellent solution. You can disguise your workstation as a folded bookshelf or armoire in the hopes of alleviating yourself from the workday’s stress after hours.

Add a bit of texture to your space with fabric lampshades.

wall mounted lamps with orange fabric lampshades

Fabric lampshades can add character and personality to the room.

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Great lighting always transforms a room, and funky fabric lampshades are now in.

An elegant lampshade can quickly improve a room’s character, personality, and texture.

You can also get creative with your shade options, from feathers and tassels to sparkles.

Curved furniture looks and feels good.

orange curved couch in a living room

Curved furniture can add a level of visual comfort if you choose the right colors.


Yes, your beloved bouclé accent chair is still in style. Comfortable, curved furniture continues to be a leading trend this season because of its accessibility and ease.

Now more than ever, people need to feel rested in their homes, and curved furniture is an easy way to achieve that because it looks just as good as it feels.

We tend to gravitate toward inviting objects that make us feel safe. Instead of your typical beige, gray, and black furniture, opt for soothing hues like blue, limestone green, or clay red to establish a relaxed mood.

Eye-catching blue hues can make your space feel more peaceful.

blue living space

Certain shades of blue can help your space appear more relaxing and elegant.

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Calming blue hues can elevate your space and create a sense of peace.

Shades like aqua, cobalt, azure, and sky can take your home to the next level while keeping it elegant and refined.

On the other hand, it’s time we put all the squiggly decor to rest.

mirror on a mantle in a living room

I prefer a mirror with a decorative and artistic frame to accent the space.


I’m sick of the wavy-mirror trend.

Squiggly decor pieces became popular mainly due to TikTok, but the curvy items have run their course. 

Now that we’re transitioning to a new season, the trend can come off as a bit kitschy and tacky.

The “grandmillennial” craze isn’t so grand anymore.

pink floral wallpaper bedroom with skitch

There’s a difference between being nostalgic and being stuck in the past.


Last year, “grandmillenial” or “granny chic” decor became very popular, bringing plenty of needlepoint pillows and floral wallpaper into homes. 

But I think the trend is now skewing toward being dated.

It’s OK to be more traditional, but there are plenty of ways to infuse your style and personality without getting stuck in the past. 

Minimalism can sometimes just be a code word for boring.

minimalist living room with skitch

A home should have color and character.


I think homes should look lived-in and have some character.

Your space should reflect a well-crafted story, and nuanced, layered, and maximalist designs can help with that.

You can start adding dimension by introducing a pop of color or investing in art you enjoy.