Master Gardener: Succulent gifts from your garden | Home and Garden

Seeking for an inexpensive present produced with love from your back garden? How about a distinctive present for the distinctive gardener in your daily life? Or a present for the hard-to-acquire-for man or woman who by now has one particular of every thing?

You can effortlessly make a number of gifts applying succulent cuttings. Succulents are ideal for gardening “Central Valley Style” for the reason that they like the solar and are drought tolerant. Start now, and by gift-giving time, all your generation will need is a shiny bow!

Some craft tips are: a living wreath for hanging or for use as a desk centerpiece with a candle, a dwelling photo frame for a backyard garden or patio wall, a fairy yard, a succulent world, or a adorable basket crammed with various succulents. Producing these presents is cost-effective — no require to go hunting the backyard garden centers for succulents. Glance no additional than your very own —or your buddy or neighbor’s — succulent yard. Pinch a very little here, trim a tad there, uproot a number of that are too crowded, or rescue a forlorn “pup” from its father or mother.

Succulents are native to Mexico and South Africa. They have fleshy leaves and stems that hold and retail store water to assist them survive drought. Most are frost tender, and they don’t like both overwatering or extraordinary desert circumstances. Simply because succulents have a rather thick skin, they are not susceptible to insect damage. Mealy bugs or woolly aphid are the more popular pests but they are seldom troublesome and can be controlled by dislodging them off vegetation with drinking water.

Commencing/rooting succulents is rather simple, but there are a few tips of the trade to make it even less complicated. To root succulents with stems, cut them off the key plant and let them sit for 7-10 days to “harden off” or callus. This assists keep away from fungal destruction to the root. For far more rosette-type succulents like aloe, agave and sempervivum, pull off the “pups” or “toddlers” on the sides and replant them.

Plant in clean up moist potting soil especially formulated for succulents. Hormone rooting powder is not needed. Place the pots into a tray of drinking water for a moment or two so the soil becomes saturated, then preserve the vegetation just a little moist. Resist around-watering at this phase. In the spring, all succulents value some gentle fertilizer.

Be resourceful in mixing various succulents jointly to make a style and design. Just as in a flower arrangements, applying different hues, leaf shapes and textures adds curiosity.

Right here are a couple typical guidelines for crafts: 

  • To make a succulent wreath, buy a wire wreath form, line with mesh, fill with soil, wrap with coco fiber, and insert cuttings in a variety of hues and designs. If this is going to cling, you can wrap it with slim wire or fishing line right until it truly is sufficiently rooted to keep collectively.
  • Try creating a succulent topiary with styrofoam, wire, vegetation and rocks.
  • You can establish a small box, plant it with succulents and then place an aged photograph frame all over the arrangement – a true Living Photo. This could be hung on a wall, or add legs to make a tiny table.
  • Fairy Gardens are the really newest style factor. Working with miniature components and back garden accents, sedums, moss and pebbles, even very small electric powered lights can convert a boring container into a Fairyland.
  • Succulent globes can be built by wiring two hanging baskets collectively, lining with coco fiber, then filling with soil. Poke holes in the fiber and insert succulent cuttings. Continue to keep moist by light spraying right until the cuttings are rooted (a mild tug need to not loosen the slicing if it has rooted) before watering the ball.

Research on the net for “succulent crafts” for a lot more tips. The choices for a gift of succulents are limited only by your creativeness, and are positive to make your vacations Merry & Shiny!