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Most people today have definite thoughts about onions. You’re both an onion individual, or you are not. I am absolutely on the “yes” side of onions, and the 1015Y onion is 1 of the explanations.

The newest Superstar from Texas AgriLife Extension is the Texas Super Sweet Onion or the 1015Y. Famous for its “sweetness, dimensions and total superior performance as a neat-year crop in the Lone Star Condition,” this onion was named a 2021 Texas Celebrity.

In accordance to Larry Stein, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension horticulturist, the 1015Y’s “have a long-established popularity for style, size and functionality in gardens around the point out.” They will expand from the Uvalde to Lubbock and, he notes that “there are not a entire great deal of back garden crops that conduct in (1) component of the condition as properly as the other.”

A tiny background

The Texas Tremendous Sweet Onion 1015Y (the “Y” stands for yellow), has an attention-grabbing heritage. In accordance to Jason Sheeler, writing in the December 2013 edition of Texas Regular, Dr. Leonard Pike, a horticulture professor at Texas A&M College, was asked by growers in the Texas Valley to acquire a “stronger, resistant onion selection that could be sold in the winter.”

In 1977 Pike and about 50 graduate college students labored on modifying and increasing the Grano 502 onion. According to Wikipedia, “Pike and his assistants have been, around the upcoming 4 many years, ready to build hardier versions.” The Pike team’s onions had been reliable producers and have been greater and sweeter. In 1997, the 1015 was named the Texas point out vegetable.

Planting 1015Y’s

In accordance to Dr. Stein, the ideal seed planting date is Oct. 15 hence, 1015 identification selection. Plants grown from seed acquire 105-110 days to be “harvest prepared.”

The onion bulbs developed from seed are typically larger than those developed from transplants. Transplants “typically minimize the maturation plan by 30-40 times.” Stein provides that if you are planting transplants you “should get the smallest plants out there.”

Planting situations

For the best possible manufacturing, plants will need publicity to comprehensive sun and will do nicely in any properly-drained soil. If you have hefty or clay soil, you need to modify it by adding natural compost, pine bark, gypsum or composted leaves. These components will get rid of drainage and compaction complications. In accordance to Dr. Stein, the 1015Y’s are “resistant to illnesses, such as a fungal pathogen named pink root.“

Weed manage is significant. Making use of a pre-emergent just after the seeds are up and expanding or immediately after the transplants are in the floor is crucial. Weeds can be controlled manually, of class, but if utilizing a hoe, be careful not to destruction the bulb. In accordance to Dr. Jerry Parsons, Texas AgriLife Extension Horticulturalist (ret.), onions must be watered during the escalating time. As the crops mature, they may possibly need more water.


Dr. Larry Stein notes that “Texas Super Sweet Onions are heavy feeders.” He recommends “spoon-feeding” personal vegetation each individual two weeks immediately after the crops begin to develop. He implies sprinkling granulated fertilizer “around the base” and to “water in the granules.” He additional states that fertilizer “amounts will factor into their style. Effectively-fertilized crops are “very sweet … with incredibly very little pyruvate.” Low stages of pyruvate imply less tears when peeling and slicing onions.

Dr. Stein goes on to say that “stressed crops will commonly not be as mild and might have greater degrees of pyruvate and decreased sweetness. If you “don’t like a tremendous sweet onion, and desire a tiny much more kick,” reduce the volume of fertilizer.

All set to plant?

It is naturally earlier 10/15, but there even now may possibly be time to uncover and plant some transplants. I’m tasting the fried onion rings presently.

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