Meet the winners of the 2022 Dispatch Backyard Garden Awards

Meet the winners of the 2022 Dispatch Backyard Garden Awards
Tricia Brown of Lancaster and "Honey Bee Haven."
Gardener's comments: The honey bees are treated like “Queens” in this suburban organic vegetable garden. We want to attract as many bees as possible to pollinate our garden. This garden offers over 70 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers for the bees. Since we do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that can harm bees, we implement companion planting to promote the best growth for every plant in the garden. The 26 varieties of herbs are cut early in the season, dried for winter use, then allowed to bloom to attract the bees. Many of the herbs have purple blossoms, which is one of the honey bee’s favorite colors. To save on space, many plants are grown vertically on trellises, obelisks and cages. This includes several varieties of summer squash, cucumbers, Mini Love watermelons, Climbing Baby butternut squash, cantaloupes, tomatoes and beans. We also plant different varieties of peppers, lettuce, onions, asparagus, carrots, corn, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. We plant one new vegetable every year, and this season we planted the Black Turtle bean, which we will not get to try until fall.
Judges' comments: Amazing, charming yet functional; excellent planned garden; variety of vegetables incorporated with vegetable-friendly flowers; well-designed with rain barrel for irrigation. Love the structure and the layout. It’s charming and functional with trellises and fences to establish order. An aesthetically pleasing organic vegetable garden with a nice pop of color provided by the addition of some annuals.

You might simply call Tricia Brown’s backyard garden the bee’s knees.

The Lancaster resident’s organic and natural vegetable backyard is stuffed with a mix of crops, herbs and flowers created to draw pollinating bees. The bucolic house was named Ideal of Exhibit in this year’s Dispatch Yard Back garden Awards.

“I was aiming just to get into the pageant,” explained Brown, 57, who entered the contest very last 12 months. “I wasn’t expecting the Best of Exhibit.”

The honor was introduced Sept. 10, for the duration of the Slide Dispatch Household & Garden Display. The fifth edition of the celebration also acknowledged gardens in the types of landscape, native vegetation, perennials, community yard, vegetable and container. A People’s Decision prize was also provided.

Kay Hoagland and the Saint Andrew Christian Church community garden in Dublin.
Gardeners' comments: The Saint Andrew Christian Church community garden strives to annually donate between 700 and 1,000 pounds of fresh and organic produce to the Help My Neighbor Food Bank. The photo shows our harvest in mid-July that included white and purple potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, zucchini, turnips with tops, white and red onions. Future harvests will include carrots and beets with tops. Both the church and the food bank are located on Smoky Row Road in Dublin, so we are really helping our neighbors with healthy food security.

The Dispatch provides the function in collaboration with Oakland Nurseries, AgPro and the At Residence portion, and learn gardeners from OSU Extension choose the winning gardens from the entries.

Brown, 57, was encouraged to create her backyard in 2019 when, immediately after a lot of many years of renting residences and tending to gardens at every, she and her spouse, Thomas Rhyne, purchased a property of their personal.