Realtors report shows costs and benefits of home remodeling projects

EDMOND — Have you at any time listened to of refinancer’s remorse, or household remodeler’s remorse?

Me possibly.

Buyer’s regret is actual, and it truly is absolutely hitting home buyers caught up in multiple-bidding circumstances who wound up paying out additional for a property than sellers even requested for.

Perhaps not, but in all probability so, with buzz about housing bubbles setting up to buzz yet again. A popped bubble in a regional market place, which is the only sort of housing industry, does do harm to prevailing market place selling prices, by definition.

We will see what injury out-of-state buyers do here if they figure out they’ve overplayed this nearby market place, and overpaid, and make a decision to lower their losses.

Refinancer’s remorse? My spouse and I just did a cash-out refi, and I have experienced a twinge or two: Oh, Lord, What we finished to our fairness?!