Small and stuck in the 70’s to massive & modern

The new home on Bonita Beach stands out from the others due to the sail like forms that create the roof. This property used to have one of the most dated, older homes from the 1970s and now it has the most modern look.
This is what the house looked like before it was demolished in January 2020.

The new present day home spans two heaps alongside Bonita Seashore and stands out with its sail formed roof. It is a humongous big difference from the small lifted ranch home that sat there just two years in the past. Julie and Mike Walton obtained the original little1970s home with its dim paneled walls, shag carpet, Formica countertops and tiny home windows in November 2018. In January 2020, they despatched in the orange bulldozer that crashed through the shingle roof triggering the partitions and floors to tumble like toy sticks. In just a number of hrs the two bedroom, two lavatory, 1,740 square foot, split entry house was minimized to rubble. Then Potter Residences arrived in to build their new masterpiece. Now a home with 4 bedrooms as well as a den and 6 entire and two 50 % bogs, that spans  7,243 sq. ft less than air and a total of 15,820 sq. ft of dwelling house, stands in its place. But it is not just the sheer dimensions of this new residence, it is the updated and innovative glimpse that illuminates the stark variation in between the two properties.