The Best Full Length Mirror of 2022

The Best Full Length Mirror of 2022

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A woman standing in front of a mirror

A woman standing in front of a mirror

Are you looking to give your bedroom or entryway a chic and practical revamp? Instead of going extravagant and costly by refreshing the paint or applying wallpaper, one thing that can make your room appear classier and spruced up with minimal effort is a full-length mirror.

Full-sized mirrors can transform any dimly lit and congested room into a brighter and spacious area. Plus, who doesn’t want to make sure they look good before setting off to an important meeting? Unlike a half-sized mirror that barely reaches your waist, full-length mirrors give you a head-to-toe image of yourself. The mirrors can help you style unique and classy apparel before leaving the house.

Whether you’re eyeing a minimalist statement piece or want to elevate the design of your bedroom’s furniture, the variety of available options is extensive enough to suit all interior designs. We handpicked and reviewed some of the highest-rated full-length mirrors of 2022 that are worth considering.

Top Picks

Best overall: NeuType Large Full-Length Mirror

The mirror uses shatterproof glass which is safer and more reassuring

The mirror uses shatterproof glass which is safer and more reassuring

Looking to amplify the aesthetics of your bedroom or living space without compromising its modern theme? The NeuType Full-Length Mirror is exactly what you need. The thin aluminum frame adds a sleek and modern style to the room. It’s large enough to give you a complete glimpse of your stature. The size is also ideal for bedrooms and hallways alike. The 5mm shatterproof glass boasts a distortion-free reflection while the aluminum alloy casing with anti-rust coating ensures this option is durable and sturdy enough to last years. Whether you lean it against the wall or mount it, this full-body mirror will complement your interior décor which is why it’s the best pick on our list.

Key Features:

  • Height and width of 71 x 34 inches

  • Edge sealing technology

  • Anti-rust aluminum alloy thin frame

  • Comes with hanging hardware

Shatter-proof design: LVSOMT Full-Length Floor Mirror

Add a more functional and decorative touch to the room, suitable for the living room, bedroom, closets, foyer, corridor, dressing area

Add a more functional and decorative touch to the room, suitable for the living room, bedroom, closets, foyer, corridor, dressing area

Check out your outfit with elegance and style with the LVSOMT full-length mirror, which gives you a complete look at your appearance from head to toe. The ultra-sleek aluminum alloy frame presents a refined and contemporary look. Thanks to freestanding and wall-mounted designs, you can place it in your room the way you prefer. In addition to its immaculate reflection, the high-definition glass comes with a shatter-proof protective covering. This means the mirror won’t break into sharp pieces when compromised or bumped, making it safe to be used in busy entryways as well as bedrooms. This mirror is also glued to its frame with edge bonding technology that keeps it in place and adds durability.

Key Features:

  • Height and width of 63 x 16 inches

  • Copper-free silver glass

  • Anti-oxidize and anti-rust

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy frame

  • Silver-plated layer for crisp reflection

Vintage look: Naomi Home Rustic Floor Mirror

You can lean this mirror against a wall or hang it vertically or horizontally

You can lean this mirror against a wall or hang it vertically or horizontally

While most full-body mirrors are available in a modern style, the Naomi Home Rustic Floor Mirror gives your interior a vintage-inspired weathered farmhouse look. This top-notch mirror is protected with a solid wooden frame for extensive durability. Although it doesn’t feature a stand, the country-style mirror offers two mounting options depending on the preferred use. If you are using it as a dress-up mirror, lean it against the wall. But if you want to prioritize a more chic décor style, hang it on the wall either vertically or horizontally. The 2-inch wide wooden frame will be the center of attention regardless of where you install it.

Key Features:

  • Height and width of 66 x 32 inches

  • Sturdy wooden frame

  • High-definition silver mirror

  • Vertical and horizontal mount options

Best value: Gallery Solutions Framed Full-Sized Mirror

This self-standing full-length floor mirror offers a modern update to the classic leaner mirror

This self-standing full-length floor mirror offers a modern update to the classic leaner mirror

This full-sized mirror from Gallery Solutions is their signature full-length mirror design and is one of the most popular options available on the market. It boasts a thin, classic metal frame with a rotatable stand, allowing you to adjust the tilt based on your height. The frame is also black which offers a sleek and modern style. Unlike other full-body mirrors on this list, this pick is comparatively smaller and lighter. Although it costs just as much as standard full-size mirrors, the lightweight construction makes it easy to move to different places around the room or house.

Key Features:

  • Height and width of 57 x 16.5 inches

  • Adjustable easel stand for customization

  • Lightweight yet durable construction

Most practical: ZBEIVAN Standing Full Length Mirror

Equipped with floor stand, which is retractable and detachable.

Equipped with floor stand, which is retractable and detachable.

Add a spark to your space with the ZBEIVAN standing full-length mirror. This full-body mirror features sleek aluminum edges with curved edges creating a lustrous and curvy persona. If you feel the thin aluminum edges aren’t sturdy enough, don’t worry. The metal surface is layered with corrosion-resistant coating enhancing the mirror’s durability. But it isn’t just the frame that is made sturdy, the high-definition glass mirror has an explosion-proof coating, preventing it from shattering if accidentally hit. This option is a great choice for a bedroom, living room, lounge, or any other part of your house. Whether you mount it to the wall or upright using its stand, this full-length mirror will amplify the aesthetics of the room and give you a complete look at your outfit.

Key Features:

  • Height and width of 65 x 23.6 inches

  • Made from environmentally friendly materials

  • Has an adjustable and foldable stand

  • Comes packed in multiple layers of foam

Buying guide for purchasing the optimal full-length mirror

Purchasing a full-sized mirror may seem like an easy task considering you don’t have to look out for special features. However, like any other household item, the variations in the type and design of the mirror are endless. Selecting a mirror that truly fulfills your requirements can be tricky unless you have adequate knowledge about the product. To find the perfect option for your space, this buying guide covers the most essential factors to keep in mind.

What to consider when buying a full-length mirror

Here are some important factors you must look into before placing your order for a new full-body mirror:

1. Shape and size

Unless you have a clear indication of the size and shape of a mirror in mind, finding the right one is a tough nut to crack. Although the market is teeming with full-length mirrors of all sizes and shapes, here are some popular choices worth considering:

  • Rectangular: Rectangular-shaped mirrors have undoubtedly been the most highly demanded full-length mirrors for years. Thanks to their elegant and minimal sleek design, this option is an evergreen choice for any space, whether you want to give your room a classic décor or revamp it to a modern and sleek interior. In addition to offering a full-body view, these mirrors are easier to install and maintain.

  • Oval: Oval and rounded full-length mirrors are suitable for people who want a fancy and chic indoor space. Like rectangular full-body mirrors, oval mirrors also come in a variety of sizes, but they are comparatively bulky and big given their protruding shapes. So, make sure your wall has enough space to accommodate a body-sized oval mirror.

2. Material and design of the frame

Frames keep mirrors in place and protected from potential bumps and hits. Even more than that, they transform the mirror from being a simple piece of glass to a stylish decorative piece. Although there are plenty of frameless designs to buy, they are usually better suited for bathrooms. Framed options typically come in wooden, metal, and plastic styles.

Nothing can compete with wooden and metal frames when it comes to durability and sturdiness. They are more likely to endure bumps and hits compared to run-of-the-mill plastic frames. Not to mention they are preferred aesthetically as well. While wood creates a rustic natural appearance in the room, metallic silver or gold frames present more of a premium and modern look — best suited for luxurious and elegant spaces.

3. Mirror mounting options

Unlike regular half-sized mirrors that are only designed to mount on the wall, full-length mirrors bring more options to the table.

  • Freestanding or leaning mirrors: This type is the most widely used full-length mirror in households. These mirrors come with a reclining stand attached behind the frame (or a vintage-style pivoted mirror attached to a standing frame base). The stand bears the weight of the mirror in an inclined position just like a motorbike stand.

  • Wall-mounted mirrors: As the name suggests, these mirrors are mounted on the wall like your regular bathroom mirrors. Being attached to the wall, they have a lower risk of getting stuck or falling as well as adding to the put-together look of the house.

4. Cost

If you have browsed online for full-sized mirrors, you may realize those minimalist and sleek mirror designs do not come cheap. Like shopping for any other product, make sure you have the budget sorted out unless you are fine with the low-quality and cheaper versions.

While they start as low as $100-$150, full-body mirrors can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the material, design, and quality of the frame. Instead of limiting your budget to low-quality mirrors, consider it as a one-time investment because most high-end mirrors are built to last.

Maintaining a full-length mirror

If you want your mirror to keep looking shiny and reflective for years to come, timely and proper maintenance is necessary. Here are a few maintenance tips that might come in handy:

Keep the mirror dry

Continuous contact with water can damage your precious mirror. For starters, prioritize positioning the mirror away from moisture-prone places. The water droplets, if left out to dry on the mirror surface, can develop scaly smudges making the mirror look warped and dirty.

Carry out regular clean-ups

if you have installed the mirror for décor improvement in your home, you should keep it sparkly clean and shiny all the time. Using a dry clean cloth would do the job unless it has formed smudges. In that case, use a glass cleaner with a piece of dry cloth to bring back the reflecting look.

Where should you install the full-length mirror?

Full-length mirrors need space, plenty of it. Before placing an order for a mirror make sure you determine an appropriate location, especially if you are intent on attaching it to the wall. If you are purchasing one for getting dressed and ready to go out, placing it in the bedroom would be the most ideal place. On the other hand, if aesthetic and fancy looks are your priority, perhaps your living room or hallway would be a better choice.

People also asked

Q: How big is a full-length mirror?

A: Although there are no set dimensions for a full-length mirror, they often come in sizes varying between 43 x 13 inches and 70 x 32 inches tall and wide. You can choose the one that best suits your room’s dimensions and intended use.

Q: Are full-length mirrors expensive?

A: Full-sized mirrors are comparatively expensive than regular ones. Ultimately, though, the price mainly depends on the quality of the glass, frame material, and design. You can find one costing as low as $50 up to $1,000, or even more.

Q: Wall-mounted or free-standing mirrors, which is better?

A: Both mirrors serve their purpose well. While free-standing mirrors suit better for checking outfits, wall-mounted mirrors help free up space and enhance the room’s look.