West Jefferson property transfers for Feb. 10-15 , 2023 | Home/Garden

West Jefferson property transfers for Feb. 10-15 , 2023 | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from Feb. 10-15. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for Feb. 10-15


Avondale Gardens subdivision, lots 3, 4, square 2: Chedotal Properties LLC to Jose L. Soto, $17,500.


District of Barataria, portion of ground: Carlean S. Belsome, Darnell B. Pertuit, Ginger Belsome and Derrel M. Belsome Jr. to Ruben O. S. Molina, $10,000.

Joan Maria Drive 4990: Mary Beninate Landry to Jamie G. Rogers and Shelby J. Rogers, $260,000.


Gormley Lane 143: Benton Land Co. LLC to David Kedzierski and Chelsea Kedzierski, $100,000.

Plum St. 114: Chester Morrison to Chester F. Morrison Jr., donation, no value stated.


Derbigny St. 415-17: Succession of Grant T. Arceneaux to Joshua Besson and Amanda Besson, $270,500.

Hamilton Oaks subdivision, lot 18: Nhat Le to Mai T. Nguyen, donation, no value stated.

Morningside Drive 573: Rafael Cruz to Lucia D. Gutierrez, donation, no value stated.

Oxford Place 2444: Sharon V. James to Franklin Santos, $114,000.


Beechwood Drive 1125: Valinda Banks Lewis to Jerome Justin and Gloria Tyson Justin, $140,000.

Eastview Drive 3809: Charles Auzenne III to Jana R. Suazo, $239,900.

Harvey Blvd., lot N-7: West Jefferson Properties LLC to Jefferson Parish, $56,354.

Harvey Blvd., lots P-1, P-2: Harvey Canal Ltd. Partnership to Jefferson Parish, $165,669.

Harvey Blvd., portion of ground: Harvey West Jefferson Partnership to Jefferson Parish, $105,199.

Justin Lane 2304, 2313-A: Jagdish P. Bansal and Bala D. Bansal to S L Reliable Properties LLC, $192,000.

Justin Lane 2315-B, 2337: Jagdish P. Bansal and Bala D. Bansal to Rob Properties LLC, $192,000.

King’s Road 1513-B, 1574: Jagdish P. Bansal and Bala D. Bansal to A. J. Properties LLC, $288,000.

Lake Winnipeg Drive 3609: Eancia M. Armstrong to Carlos Armstrong, $70,000.

Nathan Korman Drive 4000: Trinh Vo Investments LLC to Maria Yanneth O. Mendez, $155,000.


14th St. 6610: Delores B. Cullier to Darlene D. Jenkins, Veronica J. Walker, Denise Johnson, Cynthia Downs and Tony Barconey, donation, no value stated.

Ave. D 608: George L. Leblanc to George B. Richard Jr., donation, no value stated.

Ave. F 536: Steve E. Franklin to Wilder A. Cardona-Hernandez, $140,000.

Barataria Blvd. 3800: Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office to Brandon Burke and Caroline Martin, $120,000.

Bayou Estates, lot 3C: Cao Corp. to A Hand To Hold LLC, $295,000.

Britannica Drive 2805: Belinda G. Beebe to Lionel F. Beebe, $35,000.

Cardinal Drive 2856: Glenn A. Maise and Lisa Maise to Annishka Mitchell, $205,000.

Chestnut St. 4045: James R. Bailey and Irene F. Bailey to Cody R. Clement and Allyssa M. Clement, $228,000.

Collette Drive 2741: Dianna M. Stanley and Michael P. Scruggs III to Alexia M. Hasbrouck and Tristian D. Kerner, $186,400.

Corinne Drive 2724: Tammy H. Delaney, Connie H. Ditcharo and Joyce H. Hinyup to Linda A. Hocke, donation, no value stated.

Dolores Drive 2716: Shawn L. Casbon and Danielle M. Meaux to Michael P. Scruggs III, $180,000.

Farrington Drive 601: Wise Guys Investment Group LLC to Tyler Broussard and Olivia Broussard, $258,000.

Fifth Ave. 6123: Patricia M. Clark, James Manshack Jr., Robert Manshack, Emma Manshack Hutcherson, Darlene Manshack Elliott, Jonathan Manshack and Connie Manshack Massey to Gunderson Homes Inc., $65,000.

Highland Meadows subdivision, lot 1, square A: Ricky M. Perrin and Lorraine G. Perrin to Jefferson Parish, $16,000.

Kenta Drive 3105: MLM Holdings LLC to Tiffany R. Blackwell, $200,000.

Lydia Court 728: Mariaelena S. Matherne, Robert P. Sanchez Jr. and Sharla S. St. Pe to Done Deal Property Resources LLC, $35,000.

Oak Drive 5332: Angela V. Breeden to Mitchel Sumrall and Harlee Underwood, $155,000.

Page St. 5112: Monty J. Roe and Adam J. Roe to Walter D. Roe, donation, no value stated.

Place De Villars subdivision, portion of lot 16, square A: Raynal Chavis to Jefferson Parish, $11,000.

Rennes Drive 5064: Nancy N. Do to Crystal S. Gaither, $200,000.

Woodstream Drive 5319: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Samuel Braga and Yessenia Garcia, $10 and other good and valuable considerations.


Terry Parkway 795: Charles Augustine Jr. to Lourdes Rauda-Ramirez and Orlando Ramirez, $300,000.


Ave. H 1215: Huy D. Dinh to Collo Investments LLC, $140,000.

Azalea Drive 652: Rogers A. Marshall Sr. to Harris Ribardi Jr. and Jennifer F. Ribardi, $240,000.