West Jefferson property transfers for Nov. 10-17, 2022 | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from Nov. 10-17, 2022. Data is compiled from public records


Transfers for Nov. 10-17 


Ruth Drive 404: Pamela L. Beard to Teryllynn Matthews, donation, no value stated.


14th St. 109: Freddie Folse Jr, Glenda Prestenbach Folse and succession of Lloyd Rivere Sr. to Nadya Duran, $130,000.


Cheniere Caminada, portion of ground: David Camardelle and Donnie Camardelle to Daisy Camardelle, $10,700, donation.

Cheniere Caminada, portion of ground: David Camardelle and Daisy Camardelle to Donnie Camardelle, $20,000.

Grand Beach no. 1 subdivision, lot 2, square L: Ted K. Smith and Katherine B. Smith to Ernest J. Romero Jr. and Jan C. Romero, $150,000.

LA 1 2927: James L. King and Dena E. King to D’Best Place LLC, $210,000.

Pirates Cove Marina Dockominiums, Unit 53: Otis P. Guichet Jr. to James P. Paul, $100.


Alexander Court 1648: Giao T. Do and Tuyet A. T. Pham to Vincent V. Nguyen and Hoa P. V. Dao, $185,827.

Alexander Court 1653: Giao T. Do and Tuyet A. T. Pham to Vincent V. Nguyen and Hoa P. V. Dao, $185,827.

Alexander Court 1657: Giao T. Do and Tuyet A. T. Pham to Vincent V. Nguyen and Hoa P. V. Dao, $185,827.

Cedar Lane 10: Baron Construction Co. to Michael A. Selser and Anne Lipscomb Selser, $300,000.

City of Gretna subdivision, lots 3, 4, square 32: Albert J. Arabie III to Chris M. Cuccia, $150,000.

E. Niagara Circle 624: Brothers Realty LLC to Jeffrey S. Laub and Robin R. Sessions Heide, $226,500.

Franklin St. 1511-13: Christophe Johnson LLC to Michele Ray, $190,000.

Franklin St. 405: Franklin Street Church of Christ to John A. Alwert, $221,000.

Hancock St. 421: Shannon Bradley to XK8 LLC, $1,000 and other valuable consideration.

Hero Drive 2801: Cheramie Trust to Sahit Pira and Burim Pira, $125,000.

Lafayette St. 500: Kelamy LLC to JTN Holdings LLC, $475,000.

Seventh St. 714: Bonnie Buras LLC to 714 7th Street LLC, donation, no value stated.

Suburban Park subdivision, lot A, square 7: Ray M. Eskine to Thieu Q. Nguyen, $109,000.

Swan Court 1512: Salem Development LLC to Joshua Law and Nicole N. Law, $391,000.


Alex Kornman Blvd. 2333: Thieu Nguyen to Wilkerson Investments LLC, $262,500.

Brighton Place 2264: Joseph E. Thilman and Margaret G. Thilman to Megan M. Thilman, donation, no value stated.

Dogwood Drive 1821: Tiffany J. Ebersole to Robert W. Phelps Jr., donation, no value stated.

E. Parc Green St. 3404: Kieu N. B. Nguyen to FIM Partners LLC, $225,000.

Irwin Kuntz Drive 3841: Elegant Houses LLC to Corey J. Evans and Lisa B. Evans, $285,000.

Lake Powell Court 2: Linda Auduong to Jenni M. Dang and Ho Q. Ngo, $222,000.

Lake Providence Drive 3917: Stephan J. Duplechain and Andrea Santos Duplechain to Mohamad Y. Ismail, $399,900.

Pailet Ave. 441: Mohamed I. Faiz to Noor M. Nasir, donation, no value stated.

S. Village Green St. 2324: B&S Investors LLC to Odilia Camille, $265,000.

Shannon Drive 3824: Tara Pierre to LaShawn B. Futrell, $230,000.

Stall Drive 1812: Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Salem Development LLC, $193,399.

Woodmere Blvd. 2441: Jerome A. Roby and Rieva Ridgeway to Norita Coleman, $245,000.


Bayou Black Drive 2708: Kevin W. Rousseau to James Ziegel and Raquel Ziegel, $210,000.

Burleigh Court 70: Naja R. Alexander to Hong N. Anh Dao, $295,000.

Camphor St. 4017: Pier D. Bonner to Bryan Jones and Chantell R. Irvin, $217,275.

Cardinal Drive 2541: Brandi Cali and Emile M. Simoneaux Jr. to Sean M. Taylor and Michelle L. Taylor, $156,000.

Cohen Street subdivision, lot 40: Succession of Robert K. Harris to Nellon Holdings LLC, $44,000.

Frazier St. 2561: Kaitlyn Rossi and Shane Giardina to Jenifer Allen and Aaron Allen, $345,000.

Glasco Drive 5848: Brenda Elliott to Tashonya P. Beverly, $152,000.

Grand Bayou Drive 4916: Conner C. Latham to John F. L. Londono, $175,000.

Isabelle Drive 2748: Edwin J. Vicknair Jr. and Charlene G. Vicknair to Joffre S. Quiroga, $145,000.

Laurie Lane 2701: Linda Huynh Tran to Kevin Outlaw, $277,000.

Lydia Court 741: Mildred E. A. N. Hannakan to Annie N. Reine, $108,000.

Marine St. 1628: Gregory John and Melony J. John to Tiffany R. Hiriams, $288,000.

Marisha Court 2705: Jonathan L. Jones and Chanoya Jones to Chanoya Jones, $42,000 and other good and valuable consideration.

Melba Place 1901: Kentucky Trust to Property Quest LLC, $65,000.

Park Shore Drive 4436: Thu T. Vu to Florentino B. Batiquin Jr., $249,000.

Pelican Bay Blvd. 2625: Gavin M. Gaudry to Latisha A. Davis-Stevenson, $240,000.

Ranch Acres Extension subdivision, lot 1, square 8: Earl A. Teal and Nancy C. Teal to Jefferson Parish, $22,371.

Red Shoulder Lane 2207: Joseph E. Sumera II to Bon Builders LLC, $78,000.

Robert J. Perkins Tract subdivision, portion of ground: Jefferson Parish to Bryan A. Davis Sr. and Quentina L. Dawson, $9,536.

Robert J. Perkins Tract subdivision, portion of ground: Jefferson Parish to Darren A. Bonnet and Amanda Bonnet, $9,535.

Rue Racine 2029: Cheramie Trust to Sahit Pira and Burim Pira, $125,000.

School Drive 4037: Jon D. Chiquet, Tracie L. B. Chiquet and Rachel C. Nash to Richard Melillo, $150,000.

Sprig Drive 2612: Todd E. Moss to Brenda Booth, $148,000.

St. Ann St. 1108: Amy B. Hamilton to Canh M. Do, $135,000.

Woodstream Drive 5205: Nelson C. St. Germain Jr. and Amy J. M. St. Germain to Richard Jackson Jr. and Dionysia B. Jackson, $145,000.


Avenue Mont Martre 2453: Dong N. Nguyen and Nga T. N. Dang to Preshay Thomas, $298,000.


Duffy St. 43: Gerald K. Henry to Ida Henry, donation, no value stated.

Manor Lane 53: Cameron W. Hatch and Carla P. Hatch to Brian A. Dufrene and Cantrelle Williams, $300,000.

S. Kenner Ave. 541: Home Buyer Louisiana USA LLC to Cody A. Cunningham and Margaret H. Cunningham, $250,000.


Avenue A 709-11: George A. Toups to Henry Quintanilla, $150,000.

Avenue B 917: Ronald J. Clement to Christina A. Silver, donation, no value stated.

Avenue C 1080: Rickey J. Matherne Sr. and Timmie J. Matherne to Rickey J. Matherne Jr., $76,000.

Belt Bridge subdivision, lots 18, 19, square S-30: Oneal Eugene Jr. to Alexis A. Eugene, donation, no value stated.

Central Ave. 702: Margaret D. Leblanc to Gerald A. Richoux II and Amy L. Richoux, donation, no value stated.

Westwego Heights subdivision, lots 5-8, square 26: Anthony G. Toups and Norma H. Toups to Brian J. Hamilton and Amy B. Hamilton, $263,000.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot C, square 52: Janice Abadie Saddler and Michael Abadie to Alisa Gros Roy, $120,000.