What are the worst colors to paint a room? 5 mistakes to avoid |

If you are pondering what are the worst shades to paint a space, then wouldn’t be the very first individual to talk to about this widespread decorating dilemma. Getting the coloration proper in a area can be a tough business. Even with all their knowledge, it can just take time for experts to make a selection. There is a whole lot to take into consideration – the size and shape of the house, the accessible organic mild and its direction, who it is for, how the shade helps make you truly feel, etc. 

Below interior designers, decorators, and coloration psychologists expose what the worst colors to paint a home are, and how to solution picking out paint tips for room coloration schemes that actually sing, from applying the colour wheel to support you steer clear of building disastrous coloration problems to acquiring paint shades that will make you sense happier at dwelling.

What are the worst hues to paint a place?