Wood Putty vs Wood Filler: What’s the Difference?

wood putty vs. wood filler


Whether fixing high-quality wooden home furniture or filling nail holes in the wall, it’s probably that either wood putty or wood filler can help correct small damages and strengthen the physical appearance of the challenge. Due to the related purpose, these two solutions are typically applied interchangeably. Having said that, when it arrives to wood putty vs. wood filler, it is important to know which scenarios are greater suited for putty and when a filler is an great possibility.

Equally wooden putty and wood filler do the task of a wood gap filler, but there are restrictions to both. Putty really should only be utilised on concluded or stained surfaces simply because the substances that are part of its composition can be dangerous to exposed wood. In the meantime, a stainable wooden filler is not suitable for fixing exterior problems simply because filler is vulnerable to shrinking and increasing with modifying temperatures.

Continue to keep studying to understand more about the dissimilarities between wooden putty and wood filler, as properly as when to use each item.

Wooden filler is created of wooden byproducts suspended in a binder that absolutely hardens in minutes.

The discrepancies involving wooden putty and wood filler commence with the composition of every single solution. Wood filler is produced up of a hardening resin option that is made up of a suspension of wooden byproducts. The formulation will allow it to take a smooth and pliable kind that’s somewhat uncomplicated to use. There are also types of liquid wood filler goods that fill narrow cracks and slivers by soaking into the wood fibers and binding with them in purchase to mend the harm.

After the wooden filler is utilized it will dry and harden within just a few minutes. Due to the fact it hardens and does not continue being adaptable, wood filler is an alternative for repairing damaged interior walls but not a very good decision for exterior repairs. Filler can crack as it shrinks and expands in response to substantial temperature modifications.

Whilst the chemical system of wooden putty can destruction uncovered wooden, wood filler is designed to bind directly to the natural wood and doesn’t will need stain before software.

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wood putty vs wood filler

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Wood putty is composed of plastic-centered and oil-centered compounds that keep on being pliable for various hrs.

Rather of employing a suspension of wood byproducts in a binder, wood putty is made with plastic-primarily based and oil-centered compounds like boiled linseed oil, calcium carbonate, and universal colorants. Thanks to the substances in wooden putty, it isn’t advised to use putty on exposed uncooked wood. The chemical compounds can destruction the wood, defeating the reason of the fix. As an alternative, either stain ahead of implementing the wooden putty to produce a barrier amongst the chemical substances and the wooden or simply use wood putty on concluded products and solutions that previously have a sealant or stain used.

Wooden putty can acquire a lengthy time to absolutely dry and established. Depending on the correct components, as effectively as the humidity and dimension of the restore, wood putty could consider as lengthy as 72 hours to dry. Even after it dries, the putty continues to be adaptable so it can be utilised for exterior mend work.

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wood putty vs. wood filler


Most wooden fillers are stainable while wood putties arrive in a range of wood tones. 

Is wooden filler stainable is a common problem requested by DIYers that are owning issue shade-matching wood putty. Owing to the composition of wood filler, it can be mixed with a wood stain in several concentrations to personalize the shade of the filler. Commonly, the best wooden filler for stains is made up of a significant total of organic wooden particles. Fillers that have a bigger concentration of minerals may possibly not hold stains as nicely. Paintable wood filler is also normally available.

Wooden putty is not stainable, but it does come in a range of wooden colours. Pick the wood color that finest matches the piece you are restoring. Outdoor wooden putty is designed to match well-liked stain hues for decks and fences. It also can be applied inside or it can be painted over after it has fully fixed.

When ought to wood filler be applied?

Figuring out the distinctions in the chemical composition and the many color possibilities is critical to deciding where, when, and how to use wooden filler or wood putty. A person of the to start with distinctions to continue to keep in head is that wooden filler is susceptible to shrinking and cracking when it’s uncovered to fluctuating temperatures, so it should not be made use of outside. Having said that, given that it requires just a couple of minutes for wood filler to harden, it is an exceptional decision for quick inside repairs of nicks, holes, and scratches in hardwood flooring.

Restoring gouges and scratches in unfinished home furniture is a different excellent undertaking for wood filler, but just one of the most spectacular uses of this product is fixing destroyed edges on wood tabletops, countertops, and cabinets. This maintenance stands out from minor nicks and scratches mainly because you have to actually mildew and shape the wood filler to match the surrounding undamaged edges of the home furnishings just before the wooden filler hardens. As soon as hardened, you can sand the wooden filler to give it a clean texture before staining.

When need to wood putty be employed?

Wood putty is not as well known as wood filler simply because it can take a extensive time to dry, but this perceived shortcoming essentially will make wood putty an exceptional possibility for outdoor operate. Exterior wood putty can help restore holes in deck boards, fencing, and even siding devoid of shrinking, expanding, or cracking due to temperature modifications. Immediately after fixing gouges and cracks in exterior woodwork, wooden putty can be painted to match the bordering wooden.

Inside of a property, wood putty can mend cracks, chips, and modest holes in finished furniture, flooring, and some interior woodwork. Nevertheless, the much more putty employed for a maintenance, the for a longer period it will consider to completely set. It may well be greater to decide for a wooden filler when it arrives to larger inside repairs.

wood putty vs. wood filler